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Our Team

Meet out team of fearless dragons

Roger B. Managing dragon Has a wide experience as an IT entrepreneur for more than 10 years

Roger made his first steps in IT back in 2004. Since 2006 he founded, developed and ran a group of four IT companies which spread their operations internationally, and succeeded to provide their services to hundreds of small, medium and large companies throughout the world. In 2010 and 2014, Roger co-founded several ecommerce businesses which continue to conduct sales in 100+ countries up to this day.

Roger was also involved as a team leader and had managing roles in many startups throughout the years, contributing to their growth and development. Some of the startups were social networking websites, augmented reality apps, and face recognition projects. Roger gained a lot of experience on how to take an idea, develop a great product out of it, launch it, make customers love it, and make it become a success.

SSL Dragon is one of Roger’s favorite projects, where he serves both as a co-founder and as a manager. Roger’s involvement in SSL Dragon on a managing role is definitely an asset and of a great benefit for everybody involved, and especially for the customers who will greatly benefit from SSL Dragon’s outstanding online security services. Being based in San Jose, which is the heart of Silicon Valley, and a very inspiring and meaningful location for technology entrepreneurs and companies, Roger’s next goal on SSL Dragon is to take the company globally.

Anette J. Operations dragon She took an active role in the development of the company and its products

Anette is a part of SSL Dragon since Day One. She saw the company going through all phases, from the idea stage, to the architecture phase, the development, and launch. She took an active role in the development of the company by shaping the way the SSL Dragon’s products and services are made and presented. During the SSL Dragon’s development, and now while SSL Dragon is fully operational and is selling its security solutions throughout the world, Anette has a key role in making things happen by organizing our entire team’s work towards the delivery of our services to all our greatly appreciated customers.

Anette has a Bachelor Degree in Economic Science, and 5 years of experience in IT projects where she served as a Senior Project Manager. Her education in Economics and her experience in IT are a great combination for one to be able to perform in a company like SSL Dragon. Our narrow specialization in online security services, together with the need of managing our IT personnel towards a common goal of serving our clients best, make Anette a great and indispensable asset in our company.

As a co-founder of SSL Dragon, Anette is a powerful voice inside the company. She has a lot of merits on what SSL Dragon has become, and she is a strong influencer on what SSL Dragon is going to be in the future. With her fine eye for creative and beautiful things, her hard work, dedication and passion towards making things look and work close to perfection, we can only expect SSL Dragon to reach new heights in the months and years to come.

Sergiu O. Online security dragon Ensures the protection and legal compliance of the company’s website and products

Sergiu is our online security guru on whose expertise we rely on very much. With his experience and background, we are very lucky to have him on board. We feel very secure and have much confidence by knowing that we have somebody of Sergiu’s level of knowledge and experience in online security in our team.

Sergiu is the one who leads our online security department, creates the security standards, rules and policies, and assures the implementation of the highest security measures and solutions for our customers. Being our security person #1, Sergiu brings a very important online security insight into our company by keeping the entire team up-to-date with the most recent security threats, and the best solutions to prevent and fight them.

Sergiu is our internal hacker who has to think like one, in order to protect SSL Dragon and all our customers from real hackers. Sergiu has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and worked as a back end developer and system engineer for 10+ years before joining SSL Dragon. He has years of experience in securing websites, servers and online systems, and he did that for large customers who had a lot of sensitive data to protect.

Sergiu was also the one to create and maintain the protection shield for our own systems for years. We are proudly thinking about Sergiu as one of our most skilled and valuable dragons, on whose experience and talent our entire company relies.

Sergiu R. Development dragon Does development for more than 8 years and makes extraordinary ideas come to life

Sergiu is our rock star developer who did most of our web presence. Sergiu is with us for several years, and was invited to join the SSL Dragon team when the project idea came up. We knew many developers whom we could hire. But we asked Sergiu to come on board, because he is the very best specialist whom we know in his area of expertise. We want the best for SSL Dragon, and Sergiu was the very best pick for our project.

What we really like about Sergiu is that he was able to bring all our crazy ideas to life. He never complains. He just goes and does it. No matter how difficult or unusual a thing is, he always finds a way to do it, and he does it fast. We love having highly skilled and specialists among us, and Sergiu is definitely one of them.

Sergiu has been doing development for over 8 years. But his technical skills and talent are like he has been doing that for twice longer. He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and delights us with his intelligence and expertise. He worked on countless web and mobile projects in his career, and we hope that SSL Dragon is his favorite 🙂

Sergiu continues to work hard on shaping our next features, and on making our existing ones excel. Without him, SSL Dragon wouldn’t be where it is today, and we owe him praise.

Eugene G. Creative dragon Gives beautiful shapes and amazing colors to codes for more than 10 years

Eugene is the main cause why our website looks in the way it does. Whether you like our website or not, you should know that he is responsible for that. Give all your praise or critiques to him 🙂

Leaving jokes aside, we love Eugene’s work, and we proudly think about him as one of our most important dragons. Think about it: everything you look at and see on our website was attentively shaped and designed by Eugene in hundreds of hours of work, which he dedicated to SSL Dragon which so much creativity, responsibility and passion.

Eugene is designing the Internet by giving the codes nice shapes and beautiful colors for over 10 years already. He worked as a UI/UX designer and creative director for several digital companies before joining SSL Dragon. He did the concept and design for hundreds of websites, mobile apps, and software. Our work relationship with him dates back from 2012. We loved working with him, and that served as a reason for us to invite him to work with us closer. His creative skills are outstanding and we are proud to have somebody of his expertise on board.

New areas of our website are being crafted right now. When you see them appearing on our website, you should know that Eugene was the one who made them as eye-catching as they are.

Katie A. Content dragon Arranges words in blog posts and descriptions on the SSL Dragon’s website

Katie is our youngest dragon that spits fire and lights up our website with engaging descriptions and blog posts. She is our passionate content writer, crazy about cyber security enhancements and contributions to safer Internet connections.

Katie has 5 years of experience in payment card risk management. From counterfeit transactions to phishing scams, she knows exactly how to teach you about online security and fraud prevention. Moreover, her obsession with payment protection techniques and the emerging number of evil fraudsters inspired her to write about ‘Risks of bank’s informational system and ways of ensuring its security’ in her Master Thesis. This is when she became a true fan of cyber security and website protection.

Thus, when we proposed her to be our Content dragon at SSLDragon, she cordially accepted our offer. Katie is responsible for arranging almost every word that you read on this website (even the ones you’ve just read J), so you could easily understand what is an SSL Certificate and how it protects your website. She writes with great pleasure and enthusiasm, not being afraid of using scary terms like “man-in-the-middle attack” to give comprehensive guidelines about enhancing your website’s security.

Michael D. Sales Support Dragon Helps clients buy the right SSL Certificates that suit their needs best

Michael is our sales expert dragon. We call him our “SSL Wikipedia”. He knows everything about each of our products and he is always there to help you get the best from them. You can tell him what kind of certificate you need for your website, and he will show you the best options and the best prices. Michael enjoys helping clients in making difficult purchase decisions, and he loves interacting with them. He even likes to call our current customers and ask them how they’re doing or how was their day. For our kindest dragon, having a great relationship with our customers is essential.

With his 8 years experience as an account manager in the IT domain, Michael has an excellent understanding of the customers’ needs at each stage of their buying and service experience with us. He believes that it’s vital to make each client our friend, so he is focused on achieving this goal every single day. Michael hates to be pushy. Instead, he will thoroughly explain the benefits of our products and will give you enough time to think before deciding. This is why our prospects love to chat with Michael and most of them already became our loyal customers.

If you are thinking about what kind of SSL Certificate to buy, then you should contact Michael on the phone shown on our website, via our online chat, by email, or using our contact form. Our super kind and knowledgeable sales dragon, will be more than happy to guide you through this amazing purchase journey.

Matthew G. Technical Support Dragon Solves the most elaborate technical problems and security issues for our customers

Matthew is our fearless tech dragon. He says that each technical problem for him is a new mission that will save somebody’s life. He fancies himself as bravely fighting with “evil” errors every time he spends time on solving our customers’ technical requests. And he simply can’t stop until he successfully completes his mission (now we know why he enjoys playing RPG games with dragons).

We are very lucky to have Matthew in our team of dragons. His 10-years experience in elaborately solving the most difficult web security problems and SSL Certificate “puzzles” is a very precious asset in offering really great technical support to our customers. He has an endless passion for making each and every client truly satisfied and happy. Matthew even jokes that he could do it for free if we gave him a dragon costume, a sword, and a shield.

Besides all that, we love that Matthew never stops learning. He is always up-to-date with the latest tech news and innovations in the online security field, to make sure that he provides smart and reliable solutions to our customers. For this reasons, our clients are fascinated with his impressive skills and feel confident that their issue will be solved in no time, while Matthew is excited to have completed another mission. We feel completely safe with such a brave dragon on board.

John M. Social Media Dragon Engages customers with unique social media posts and images

John has only one thing he cannot live without: socializing. Since his early childhood, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have enough time to talk to everyone about everything. Luckily, he made his first steps in IT right at the same time when Mark Zuckerberg solved John’s problem and launched Facebook. John speaks about the 4th of February, 2004 (the day when Facebook was launched) as his second birthday.

This is why, for John, being our Social Media Dragon is a passion, not just a regular job. He enjoys staying up all night and answering questions on forums or posting engaging images and Tweets, then follow how they are being shared with so much thrill. Sometimes, he even loses track of time, especially after his 5th espresso. Fortunately, he just checks the timestamp of the latest notification and quickly engages into another entertaining discussion for several hours.

Thus, if you sent us a message in Facebook and you got your answer back right away, now you know that it was John. He worked as a Social Media Manager in the IT industry for over 6 years before joining SSL Dragon, so he knows exactly what is the best image/text recipe for perfect Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter posts. He is our Social Master Chef that loves to experiment with words and illustrations for creating unique posts every day.