Your email is a sacred place. Whether personal or business, it oversees and stores the most intimate conversations, confidential correspondence, private documents, and favorite newsletters. Unfortunately, many users don’t pay much attention to email security and don’t use SSL Certificates to secure emails and documents. Cyber threats riddle the online world, email accounts being the prime target.

 The shocking truth is that tens of millions of accounts are hacked and traded online every year. Even if you use the most sophisticated password and the safest email provider, it’s still not enough to prevent yourself from a man-in-the-middle attack.

What’s worse, in case of such an event, you don’t even realize that your precious exchanges with the loved ones or business partners are being intercepted. To avoid this bleak scenario, all you have to do is encrypt your communications and don’t deliver them in plain text anymore.

When it comes to sensitive data encryption, SSL certificates are the only viable solution. You see the SSL padlock every day when browsing the web. People usually associate digital certificates with website data protection, but did you know that they can encrypt emails and documents as well?

We present you Sectigo and DigiCert, two first-class brands that encrypt and digitally sign email correspondence, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice company documents. On top of that, they also enable users’ two-factor authentication.

All the major email and server clients fully trust Sectigo’s CPAC and DigiCert’s S/MIME certificates. They boast the same price flexibility and an abundance of features just like the regular SSL products. Here’s an overview of all the products:

Sectigo CPAC Basic    

Is your email privacy worth $10.99 per year? Of course not! It’s way more valuable. But that’s the small price you have to pay to put once and for all data sniffers out of the game. Sectigo CPAC Basic is an entry-level product, ideal for basic websites and small businesses. The issuing time is just 5 minutes and it follows the highest key encryption and certificate encryption standards.

Sectigo CPAC Pro

If you’re a medium-sized company, Sectigo CPAC Pro is a quick and affordable solution to secure online business communications such as emails, documents, and user access. Unlike Sectigo CPAC basic, this certificate takes a bit longer to obtain. You will have to submit your email address, First Name, and Last Name, as well as pass Domain Control and Identity Verification. If you provide all the necessary information, expect to receive it in just one to three business days.

Sectigo CPAC Enterprise

The ultimate solution for emails and document encryption, Sectigo CPAC Enterprise was specifically designed for medium and large businesses. It requires an extensive validation to pass Domain Control, Identity Verification, and Organization Validation. You will have to provide your email address, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Address. The standard issuing time is one to seven business days.

DigiCert Client Premium Class 1 S/MIME

When it comes to website or email encryption, DigiCert is the choice of most Fortune 100 companies and large enterprises. And while their SSL certificates have premium prices, the S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certs are very affordable.

The basic S/MIME certificate allows you to digitally sign and encrypt emails, including document attachments. It verifies your email address through domain validation, you can get it in 10 minutes and secure your email exchanges with unbreakable encryption.

DigiCert Client Premium Class 2 S/MIME

The best in its category, the Class 2 S/MIME certificate, is the perfect solution for organizations, startups, and NGOs. In addition to the email address, it also validates the owners and the company’s name. Your corporate emails and documents containing sensitive information are safe with a Class 2 S/MIME certificate behind them.

FDA ESG Compliance

Both CPAC and S/MIME certificates are FDA ESG compliant digital certificates, which means you can safely send information electronically to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) via their ESG (Electronic Submissions Gateway) platforms. The FDA partners can send and receive documents from the Gateway via a web interface or server to server communications. The CPAC and S/MIME products will ensure that your emails and attachments will successfully reach the FDA center or office.

As you can see, securing emails and documents is quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free. More importantly, it’s a necessary step in today’s online environment where cyber thieves are relentlessly exposing security loopholes.  At SSL Dragon, you can find the best SSL Certificates to secure emails and documents. Contact us for additional questions on the special Doc & Email SSL Certificates.