An SSL Certificate is generally used to secure a website, or, in technical terms, a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) such as ““. Depending on the type of certificate you order, the Certificate Authority verifies either just the domain ownership or the entire set of your company’s documents, too.

But what if you want to secure an IP address instead of a website?

Is it possible?

Does it fall under the same issuing guidelines?

Fortunately, it’s not only possible but in some cases, it’s also recommended to do it. Whether you need a Domain Validation IP address certificate or a Business Validation product for your company, we’ve got you covered. As long as the IP address you want to secure is public, our first-class certificates will safeguard it around the clock.

Best SSL Certificates to Secure an IP Address

To increase online security, the Certificate Authorities Browser Forum forced the Certificate Authorities to revoke all SSL Certificates that used intranet names or IP addresses. If you wonder what are the gains of owning a secure public IP, here are the main benefits:

  •  a verified identity,
  •  noticeable encryption
  •  and extra IP address use (some services require IP SSL authentication).

As you may have already learned, not all SSL Certificates can secure an IP address, but here at SSL Dragon, we’ve got a few special products that can accomplish this task.

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium

This Business Validation Certificate is a great, and above all, affordable option. Designed by Sectigo, an incontestable SSL industry market leader, it offers the standard key encryption and certificate encryption levels, as well as 99.3% browser compatibility. It also comes with a dynamic site seal and a $250,000 warranty. With so many features available, you get great value for such a modest price of Sectigo InstantSSL Premium.

GoGetSSL Public IP SAN

If you don’t need Business Validation, GoGetSSL Public IP SAN is the best option on the market to encrypt and IP address. Besides being very affordable, this is a Domain Validation certificate, which means you can get it in less than 5 minutes. Best of all, it secures two IP SANs by default, and you can add up to 250 more on the checkout page. When requesting this certificate, the CA will ask for a CSR Code with NO Common Name. Our FAQ section will walk you through the entire configuration process.

As you can see, you’ve got only two options when it comes to securing a public IP address. At SSL Dragon, you can reduce the price of SSL Certificates even further when buying for multiple years. Check the best SSL Certificates to secure an IP address in our store. Have more questions on the matter? Don’t hesitate to contact us!