When the most challenging encryption demands meet innovation and simplification, web security becomes easy. Since its arrival on the SSL stage in 2003, DigiCert has helped enterprises around the world secure clients’ sensitive data across the web. The indisputable leader among Certificate Authorities in the high-end market, DigiCert is the choice of major corporations, large banks, and most Fortune 100 companies. 

DigiCert streamlines SSL management by offering the complete web security suite and impeccable support. Its first-class products are backed by large SSL warranties and the unmistakable Norton Seal, which has over 500 million views/per day on websites registered in more than 170 countries.

In 2017, DigiCert expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Symantec – the most popular Certificate Authority at that moment. DigiCert has ensured a seamless transition for Symantec’s customers by keeping the same features and gradually rebranding the products. All Symantec certs have become DigiCert certificates and joined the already-existing, top-grade solutions.

A DigiCert SSL certificate offers you the most advanced data encryption and authentication, vulnerability, and malware scanning, along with displaying the Norton secured seal on your website. Besides being the most reliable SSL Certificate Authority, DigiCert is also a global leader in ensuring data loss prevention, endpoint, and email security, and other advanced cybersecurity services. These incontestable facts make the DigiCert SSL certificate the perfect choice for your website.