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Which browser can I use to configure a Comodo (Sectigo) Code Signing Certificate?

Friday, March 31st, 2017

When you configure your Comodo/Sectigo Code Signing SSL Certificate, it is best to use some specific browsers for that. Here is an article that describes which browsers are best to use for configuring a Comodo/Sectigo Code Signing Certificate.

code-signing2When you configure your Comodo/Sectigo Code Signing Certificate, make sure that “Advanced Private Key Options” is visible to you in the same way it is shown in the screenshot from the right. Internet Explorer is always a good option to configure your Comodo/Sectigo Code Signing Certificate.

For Mac Users, please see the following 2 resources:

Attention: The export instructions for Mac may produce a certificate that does not include the Root/Intermediate crt files. Please download the Root/Intermediate crt files and include them in the command for the Code Signing SSL.