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Where can I download my SSL Certificate from?

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

There is no place in your SSL Dragon account where you can download the SSL Certificate from. We provide you the SSL Certificate in the exact same form in which we get it from the Certificate Authority.

Anyway, if you need your SSL Certificate as actual files, then you can use any text editing tool such as Notepad and create the actual files that you need.

If you go to your SSL Dragon account, then to your SSL Certificate details page, you will find the 3 large pieces of codes that your SSL Certificate is made of:
1) The CSR code is the one which you generated along with your Private Key, and which you used to configure your SSL Certificate. If you need this code as a file, you can copy and paste this code in Notepad, and then save it as a .csr format file.
2) The CRT code which is your actual SSL Certificate code. Save this one as a .crt format file.
3) The CA Bundle code has the root and intermediate certificates in it. Save this one as a .ca-bundle format file.

You won’t be able to find your Private Key inside your SSL Dragon account, because we don’t have it, and we don’t store it. Private Keys are private, and it is only you who should have it. If you cannot find your Private Key, we recommend reading this article so as it may help you to find it, or generate a new one.