Which SSL Certificate shall I choose?

Thursday, April 6th, 2017
There are SSL Certificates of three validation types:

1) Domain Validation SSL Certificates – are the least expensive SSL Certificates. They are the easiest to get, and are issued within 3-5 minutes. More info…

2) Business Validation SSL Certificates require you to have a registered company. When users click on the green padlock icon for your certificate, they will see your company name. Also, Business Validation Certificates come with a dynamic site seal, similar to the Comodo site seal that we have in the footer of our website. They are issued within 1-3 business days.  More info…

3) Extended Validation SSL Certificates come with the famous Green Bar which displays the name of your company right in the URL bar of the browser. They also come with a dynamic site seal similar to the one from the footer of our website. Just like the Business Validation certificates, the Extended Validation SSL Certificates require you to have a registered company. They are issued within 1-5 business days. More info…

Also, based on how many domains or sub-domains you want to secure, you can look at One Domain SSL Certificates which will secure only one single domain name or sub-domain, Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates which secure several domains and/or sub-domains at a time, and the Wildcard SSL Certificates which secure one domain and all its sub-domains under one certificate. Finally, don’t forget about the Code Signing SSL Certificates which will sign, secure and protect your software from being infected with malware and then distributed online.

Please note that all these SSL Certificates types come with the same exact security level and encryption strength.