No matter what product you buy online, your first instinct is to check for a free or inexpensive alternative. The same applies to cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates.

In the beginning, you’re happy to use a freebie, but its shortcomings start to stick out in the long run. SSL Certificates are not different in this regard. The free ones are extremely appealing, especially to the novice website owners. But as soon as they dig deeper into the free SSL products, they begin to appreciate the value of paid certificates.

At first, they discover that not a single popular browser trusts free self-signed certificates. Then they learn that the likes of Cloudflare and Amazon tie their free SSL Certificates to their main CDN and hosting services. Finally, even the open-source Let’s Encrypt falls short when someone needs a Business Validation Certificate or an Extended Validation Certificate. Learn more about the difference between free and paid SSL Certificates.

But what about free Wildcard certificates?

If you’re looking for a free Wildcard certificate, then Let’s Encrypt should be your choice. The free, open-source CA provides free Wildcard certs to any website that can pass Domain Validation. You can configure a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificate via Certbot tool or in your hosting panel (if your server allows it). If you need Business Validation or additional features such as site seals and SSL warranty, you have to buy a commercial Wildcard certificate.

When searching for cheap WildCard SSL Certificates look no further than SSL Dragon and Sectigo. We’ve partnered with this reputable Certificate Authority to bring you incredible discounts on the full range of Sectigo products, Wildcard SSL Certificates included.

If you need to validate just your domain, then Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard or Sectigo Essential Wildcard SSL is your perfect choice. Both certificates boast identical specifications and security capabilities. These certificates will secure your domain name and an unlimited number of subdomains. On top of that, you will get a static site seal to display anywhere on your website.

For websites that require Business Validation, Sectigo has designed a cheap Business Validation SSL Certificate to meet all your needs. Sectigo Premium Wildcard SSL guarantees bulletproof encryption to your domain and all the subdomains. It comes with a dynamic site seal which increases your reputation and customers’ trust.

But what about Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL, is there a cost-effective solution? Of course, there is. And all the plaudits should go again to Sectigo. Compared to similar products of other brands, Sectigo’s price is simply unbeatable. For just $156,66 a year, with Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL you can secure multiple domains and subdomains. It’s a great deal, especially when you do the math and see that the cost of separate SSL certificates for multiple domains and subdomains is much higher.

Bonus Tip

Now you can save precious time and money when buying an SSL subscription for cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates. With each additional year that you buy, SSL Dragon will reduce the price significantly. Still don’t know what certificate to buy? Our handy tools such as SSL Wizard and SSL Certificate Filter will help you choose the right SSL Certificate for your project.