A Wildcard SSL Certificate is designed to secure one single domain and all its sub-domains. Wildcard SSL Certificates can secure an unlimited number of sub-domains.

Here is a list of Wildcard SSL Certificates that you can choose from.

If your website’s domain is www.ssldragon.com, then the Wildcard SSL Certificate will secure the main domain name (ssldragon.com) and an unlimited number of your first-level subdomains, such as account.ssldragon.com or login.ssldragon.com. Thanks to a Wildcard SSL Certificate, you don’t need to buy multiple certificates for each subdomain. The Wildcard SSL certificate comes in two options: Domain Validation (DV) and Business Validation (BV).

Wildcard SSL Certificates are easy to manage

Wildcard SSL certificates are easy to control. You have only one SSL Certificate for all your sub-domains, and they will all have the same renewal date.

If you have several level 2 sub-domains that you want to secure (such as test.account.ssldragon.com and my.account.ssldragon.com) then you will have to buy a separate SSL Certificate for each level 2 subdomain. Or you can buy one UCC/SAN SSL Certificate and it will allow you to secure several level 2 sub-domains.

If you want to secure several sub-domains with an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates and enable EV for all your subdomains, then you have to buy individual EV SSL Certificates, or you can buy one single EV SAN Certificate (Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate) in which you can include several subdomains.

Also, when you generate your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for a Wildcard SSL Certificate then your common name is *.ssldragon.com (don’t forget to replace it with your actual domain name).  By the way, you can generate your CSR on SSL Dragon’s CSR Generator.