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How to increase customer trust of your web store?

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It is especially important in business.

On the Internet, customers will buy only from the websites and brands that they trust. Every new web store has to pass through many steps to become a reliable and trustworthy website. An online business has to work with both, customers and search engines to build this trust. We would like to give you several recommendations on how to increase customer trust of your online business so it can grow even further:

  1. Excellent customer service is the key. It is great to receive quick answers from customer support when you need them. Customers like when there is always somebody to answer the customer support line, and when their problems are solved promptly. Surveys say that customers would rather pay more to a company that has great customer support service, than pay less to a company with poor customer support. This means that customers love attention, they like when their needs are taken care of, and when their voice is heard. Answer to your customers’ questions and comments on social media, use instant messaging chats on your website for quick and live inquiries from customers, and set up a ticketing system where customers can ask for support. Hire the best people to provide superior customer support promptly. Customers will love your care and speed, and will compensate you by buying from your online store over and over again.
  2. Provide your company name and your contact information on your website. Users feel safer when they can see that your company is a legitimate business, and that your office, phone numbers and work hours are easy to find on your website. Make sure that your company’s email, telephone number and physical address can be easily found by customers.
  3. Add a “money back guarantee” policy to your website. Many customers want to know what happens if they don’t like your service or product and if they can return it back, and get a full refund. Few will return the products and ask for a refund, but many will feel more secure with a policy like this on a website that they buy from.
  4. Add an “About us” page where you describe your company, its leadership and staff. On this page, provide more information about where your products are coming from, or who are the specialists that stay behind the superior services that your company provides. Your customers want to meet your team, see how proficient it is, and decide if they can trust your team.
  5. You should care about your content. Search engines are looking for web pages with original content that is relevant to the business area of the website. The relevancy of the content in relationship to the products or services from your web store is an important element that will raise or lower your search engine ranking, and so your traffic that you get on your website. Write interesting and useful articles and post them on the blog of your website.
  6. Include your customers’ testimonials on your website. People care more about what others tell about you, than what you tell about yourself. Testimonials give credibility to your website. Go even further, by allow users to check the authenticity of the testimonials from your website. Provide links to the social media profiles for the users who wrote the testimonials. Let your users contact testimonial posters to see that they are actual people and not fake. This level of transparency will only benefit you, so as users can discuss between each other and get very good recommendations about your company.
  7. Create company pages on social networking websites for your online business. Integrate social networks with your website and post great content on your company’s social media platforms. If you have an online store, encourage users to share tweets and posts of their purchases with their friends.Reward them if they do that.
  8. The last, but not the least, buy an SSL certificate for your website. Most importantly, get an Extended Validation SSL Certificate which will display your company name written in green color right in the browser’s address bar. The only way to get a green bar like that is to be a legitimate company. Many online users are well educated nowadays, and a green bar with your company name written on it will significantly increase customer trust

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates increase customer trust significantly. Customers do not trust web stores without the appropriate signs that inspires them security. Even the average customer knows about the little green padlock, the green bar, and the security certificate tab. Users will not buy from you without being sure that their money goes towards a legitimate company. They need to be sure that their credit card information is protected.

The security signs make a good impression of the webstore right away. The green bar and padlock give a mental comfort to users. As psychologists say, we associate the green color with safety and peace of mind. With so much competition going on between web stores, and with so much fraud that is out there, the SSL Certificate and the protection signs are not a luxury any more, but “a must”.

All the SSL Certificates on our site offer a Security Seal that you can place anywhere on your website. Here are some recommendations of how you can use the Security Seal that comes with your SSL Certificate:

Place the Trust Seal in a visible place, preferably on a white background.

Insert the Trust Seal near the buttons that call users to action, such as “Buy Now”, “Checkout’, or where the customer needs to introduce his/her username and password or other personal information. This will reassure your customers that your website is safe.

Buy a real SSL Certificate. Don’t just insert a fake .png or .jpg image of a Trust Seal. You can lose your customer’s trust if you do that. You can also get in trouble with a Certificate Authority if a user reports you to them

If you are a web store owner, you care about your customers’ safety, as well as yours. We encourage you to take all these recommendations of ours into consideration. You will provide an excellent service to your customers, and increase customer trust.

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