When you buy an SSL Certificate, you will probably ask your developer friend or a system engineer to install it.

Alternatively, you can install it yourself with help of SSL installation tutorials. No matter who configures the SSL Certificate on your websites and servers, we strongly recommend you to double-check if it works the right way.

How to test if your SSL Certificate runs correctly?

You can use any of the many online SSL Test Tools to check how well was the SSL Certificate configuration. We recommend the following SSL Certificate Test Tools:

Note: Do not forget to check the “Do not show the results on the boards” checkbox to prevent your website’s SSL score on Qualys’s test page, in case you want your SSL score to remain private.


  • Wormly SSL Tester displays an overview of your SSL Certificate, its level of security, and its encryption ciphers. It is a very good option as a quick test containing the key security elements. Here are the results for SSL Dragon:

These online resources will tell you whether your certificate was properly installed and configured. In the case of a lower score, you will receive the exact warnings and useful information about your weak parameters. Your system administrator or web security engineer will have very detailed information about your SSL Certificate’s weaknesses, which they should fix.

Why is it crucial to configure SSL Certificates the right way?

The main reason for completing a correct SSL configuration is to ensure that your site is always secure. If you ignore your SSL Certificate’s weak parameters, your SSL Certificate may have severe vulnerabilities. Cyber-criminals are patiently waiting to exploit them. Letting your SSL Certificate have these vulnerabilities is a direct way to compromising your website, business, and brand. Don’t put aside your website’s safety. One missed update could lead to a data breach and thus affect your entire business.

Thus, take advantage of the available test tools to ensure maximum protection for your online store and your customer’s personal information. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team if you have any questions about how to configure SSL Certificates during the installation process.