This four-part guide provides step by step instructions on how to generate a CSR code and how to install an SSL Certificate on a Nutanix cluster. After you install the SSL certificate, keep reading to learn a few interesting facts about Nutanix and discover the best place where you can buy affordable SSL Certificates.

If you’ve already generated a CSR Code and received the necessary SSL files, feel free to skip the first part of this guide and proceed straight to the installation instructions.

Generate a CSR code on a Nutanix cluster
Install an SSL Certificate on a Nutanix cluster
Test your SSL installation
Nutanix history
Where to buy the best SSL Certificate for a Nutanix cluster?

Generate a CSR code on a Nutanix cluster

CSR or Certificate Signing Request is a block of encoded text containing your website and company details. You need to submit it to your CA for validation during the SSL order process.

To generate a CSR code on Nutanix Cluster, we’ll use the OpenSSL utility (download link). Please, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the following command line to set the location of your OpenSSL configuration file:
    Set OPENSSL_CONF=C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin\openssl.cfg
  2. Your openssl.cfg file should look like this:
    [ req ]
    default_bits = 2048
    default_keyfile = key.pem
    distinguished_name = req_distinguished_name
    encrypt_key = no
    prompt = no
    string_mask = nombstr
    req_extensions = v3_req
    [ v3_req ]
    basicConstraints = CA:FALSE
    keyUsage = digitalSignature, keyEncipherment
    extendedKeyUsage = serverAuth, clientAuth
    subjectAltName = Add alternative domains here
    [ req_distinguished_name ]
    0.organizationName = Your Organization Name
    organizationalUnitName = Your Unit Name
    commonName = The Fully-qualified domain name you want to secure
    countryName = US
    stateOrProvinceName = California
    localityName = San Jsoe

    Note: Replace the parts in bold with your actual contact data

  3. Run the command below to generate your CSR and Private key:
    openssl req -new -nodes -out yoursitename.csr -config openssl.cfg -sha256
  4. Now, you can open your newly generated CSR file with any text editor of your choice. You’ll have to copy-paste its whole content, including the BEGIN header and END footer into the corresponding field on your SSL vendor’s ordering page.

Alternatively, you can use an easier option and generate your CSR code automatically, with the help of our CSR Generator tool.

Install an SSL Certificate on a Nutanix Cluster

After your CA sends your SSL Certificate files to your e-mail, you begin the SSL installation.

  1. Log into your Nutanix Console and click on the down arrow inside the gear icon
  2. From the drop-down list select SSL Certificates
  3. In the SSL Certificate dialog box click Replace Certificate
  4. Click on the Import Key and Certificate radio button, then Next
  5. In the next window, perform the following actions:
    • From the Private Key Type drop-down list select RSA 2048 bit
    • Private Key: browse the private key associated with your SSL Certificate. You’ve created the private key along with your CSR code
    • Public Certificate: browse your primary SSL Certificate. You received it from your CA in a ZIP folder.
    • CA Certificate Chain: browse your intermediate certificate or chain. Usually, it is the .ca-bundle file from the same ZIP folder as your primary certificate
  6. Click Import Files and wait for the interface gateway to restart.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed an SSL Certificate on a Nutanix cluster.

Test Your SSL Installation

After you install an SSL Certificate on a Nutanix cluster, it’s recommended to scan your new installation for potential errors or vulnerabilities, just to be on the safe side of things. With this powerful SSL tools, you can get instant reports on all facets of your SSL Certificate and its configuration.

Nutanix history

Nutanix is an American cloud computing software company specializing in hyper-converged-infrastructure (HCI) appliances and software-designed storage. Nutanix was founded in 2009 by Dheeraj Pandey, Mohit Aron, and Ajeet Singh. In 2017 Nutanix partnered with IBM to produce data center hardware using IBM Power Systems for business apps.

Nutanix helps IT teams to build and manage powerful multi-cloud architectures. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software merges private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and offers a single point of control to operate IT infrastructure and apps at any scale.

Where to buy the best SSL Certificate for a Nutanix Cluster?

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If you find any inaccuracies, or you have details to add to these SSL installation instructions, please feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected]. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.