Sectigo (formerly Comodo) is a leading SSL Certificate Authority among business and personal website owners.

With more than 36% share of the SSL certificate market, it offers digital security services for over 3 million customers. The company was the first Certificate Authority to release the Extended Validation (EV) certificate. The Sectigo SSL certificate guarantees the connection encryption between your website’s server and your client’s browser. By encrypting the data, Sectigo assures the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of the exchanged information. Sectigo SSL certificates are developed for different existing platforms, such as:

  •   Banks;
  •   Large, medium, and small businesses;
  •   Personal websites;
  •   E-commerce websites;
  •   Mail and intranet servers;
  •   Microsoft Exchange and Office Communication Servers;
  •   Multiple domains, etc.

Besides issuing SSL certificates, Sectigo also performs data security enhancement for business, e-commerce, and individual websites and PCs. You should consider buying a Sectigo SSL certificate from this worldwide recognized authority, as they will provide you the best vulnerability management service and premium technical support.