After Chrome and other browsers began flagging HTTP websites as “Not Secure”, the number of HTTPS websites has dramatically increased. And, with WordPress being by far the most popular CMS with a 60% market share, it’s currently witnessing a massive HTTPS migration. If you still haven’t encrypted your WP site, or you’re launching a brand new one and aren’t sure what SSL product to choose, you’ve landed on the right page! By the end of this article, you will know how to choose the best SSL certificate for WordPress.

As WordPress is one of the most flexible CMS platforms that can accommodate websites of all types and sizes, there isn’t a single, universal certificate for all of them. In fact, you need to be familiar with different kinds of SSL products to get the perfect SSL cert for your project.

Most of the WordPress sites are blogs, online portfolios, and informational portals, but there are also numerous e-commerce shops, large businesses, and financial institutions with huge traffic. While all these websites run on WordPress, they require specific SSL certificates. Below, you will find what SSL certificates are most suitable for each category.

Now, regardless of your website type, you obviously are looking for a cheap SSL certificate for WordPress. Here, we’ve got you covered! As an exclusive partner of all the popular Certificate Authorities, we get our SSL certificates in bulk at massive discounts and pass the savings onto you.

Best SSL certificate for WordPress blogs, portfolios, and small businesses

When it comes to securing WP websites, there isn’t a better option than Sectigo (formerly Comodo). Besides boasting the lowest prices in the industry, Sectigo is renowned for cutting-edge security and flexible SSL solutions.


If you have a basic WP site then PostiveSSL is an excellent choice. It is the cheapest SSL product on the market but with all the perks of any other commercial cert. It secures one domain and comes with a static site seal to boost user’s trust, as well as a $10,000 SSL warranty against potential damages. You can get it within 5 minutes without the paperwork hassle.


Essential SSL is another affordable Domain Validation certificate for a WP blog, a personal website, or a small company. It includes high-end encryption, unlimited server licensing, and a couple of extra features exclusive to paid certificates. You also get a static site seal to place on your pages and a nice warranty for your peace of mind.

Best WordPress SSL certificate for official companies and e-stores

If you’re an official business and handle credit card payments, an entry-level certificate won’t cut it anymore. You need a Business Validation or an Extended Validation certificate to verify your identity and comply with stringent PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines. Here are the best BV certificates for WordPress:


Instant SSL is a cheap BV certificate with plenty of features. It comes with unlimited server licensing, a dynamic site seal, and a $50,000 warranty against data breaches. You can get it in 1-3 business days as long as your company documents are correct and up to date.

PostiveSSL EV

PostiveSSL EV is the cheapest Extended Validation certificate on the market. EV SSL requires a thorough verification of your business, but in return, offers exclusive benefits. The most important feature is the famous address bar with your company’s name next to the URL. However, Positive SSL also protects against phishing attacks. It comes with a dynamic site seal and a whopping $1,000.000 warranty.

Best SSL certificate for WordPress to secure subdomains

Sometimes a WP site will use one or several subdomains to structure its content and provide a better user experience. Since you can’t secure multiple subdomains along with the main domain with a regular certificate, a Wildcard SSL product is necessary. Listed below are the best and cheapest Wildcard certificates for WordPress:

PositiveSSL Wildcard

With this DV certificate, you can secure your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains. You can add more subdomains whenever you want. To enable the encryption on your newest subdomain, all you have to do is reissue your certificate. Positive SSL Wildcard features a static site seal and a $10,000 SSL warranty against potential data leaks. 

Essential Wildcard SSL

Essential Wildcard SSL is another DV certificate, ideal for securing WordPress subdomains. There isn’t much to choose between Essential Wildcard SSL and PostiveSSL Wildcard in terms of features. Both certs offer high-end encryption, unlimited server licensing, identical SSL warranties, and static seals to improve trust. Essential Wildcard SSL is part of another product line and provides a slightly higher level of customer trust.

Best SSL certificate for WordPress to secure multiple domains

What if you have not one but two or even five WordPress blogs? You can secure them all with a standard SSL certificate, but you will need separate certificates for each domain. This is not only expensive but also time-consuming. There’s a better and way more efficient option to encrypt multiple sites – a multi-domain SSL certificate.

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

Positive SSL Multi-Domain is an affordable UCC/SAN certificate, ideal for basic WordPress sites, blogs, and small businesses. It secures three domains by default and up to 250 additional domains/SANs on request. Just like a regular certificate, Positive SSL Multi-Domain comes with a site seal to improve visitors’ trust, and a $10,000 SSL warranty. You can get it in under 5 minutes without any paperwork whatsoever.

Congrats! Now you know what is the best SSL certificate for WordPress based on your website type and structure. After you buy and receive the certificate, there’s still the small matter of installation and SEO configuration. Here are a few resources to ease your HTTPS transition: