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What Are the Best SSL Certificates to Secure a Server?

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Your server is the heart of your business. It must be protected from relentless cyber-attacks that are growing in frequency and magnitude. One of the basic security practices to shield your server from potential data theft is to secure it with an SSL Certificate. In this article, you will discover the best SSL Certificates to secure a server.

Best SSL Certificates to Secure a Server

Now, SSL Certificates come at different types and prices, but when it comes to securing servers, it’s advisable to invest a bit more in products with a higher warranty and level of trust. To help you choose the best SSL Certificate for your server, we’ve come up with a collection of quality products. We’ve also taken into account your financial capabilities, and stretched the list so it can fit your budget. From cheap to premium, below you’ll find the most optimal SSL certificates to secure a server.


If your budget is really tight, then Comodo is your answer. Comodo Essential SSL is an affordable Domain Validation option that is issued in 2-3 minutes. It comes with a $10,000 warranty and covers all your main security aspects. Alternatively, you can opt for Comodo Instant SSL, a Business Validation cert with similar features, but better warranty.


Some people simply don’t feel confident in the cheapest SSL products on the market, especially when their server’s life is at stake. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, but still remain within the $100 range, consider the following certificates: Comodo SSL Certificate (Domain Validation), Comodo InstantSSL Pro (Business Validation), or Comodo Instant SSL Premium (Business Validation). All of them work well on medium-sized servers and are compatible with the majority of server platforms.


The bigger the server, the more resources it requires to remain safe and fully operational 24/7. The following SSL Certificates have been designed with server protection in mind:

Comodo Platinum SSL – a Business Validation cert that comes with a whopping $1,000,000 warranty and the latest encryption standards.

Thawte Web Server SSL – a product of Thawte, one of the most reputable Certificate Authorities with impeccable track history. This Business Validation certificate includes a dynamic site seal available in 18 languages. You can display it anywhere on your online platforms.

Thawte Web Server EV -an Extended Validation certificate that enables you to display your company’s name in your SSL. The Extended Validation SSL enhances costumers’ level of trust and protects you from phishing attacks.


If you want a first-class SSL product and money is not an issue, then there’s only one name that lives up to the expectations. Introducing Symantec, the world’s largest security provider, and the favorite choice of corporate clients.

If servers could talk, they would beg their owners to buy Symantec products. Symantec Certificates offer the most advanced data encryption and authentication, as well as daily malware scanning, and code vulnerability analysis. Also, their $1,500,00 warranty is the highest on the market.

Here are the Symantec Certificates tailored to server needs: Symantec Secure Site (Business Validation), Symantec Secure Site PRO (Business Validation), Symantec Secure Site EV (Extended Validation).

We’ve given you an overview of the best SSL Certificates to secure a server. To achieve maximum safety and operational efficiency we recommend expensive and premium products. However, if purchasing them now is not financially feasible, it’s ok to go with cheap options until your budget increases.