Successful Internet companies are built on trust. People trust giving their personal data to these companies’ websites. Users feel confident about entering their credit card information on these websites. People trust these companies to keep sensitive files and information safe and away from public access. If people don’t trust a company, that company will not survive. It is especially true for the Internet era. That is why it is so important for your company to have a secure website, resilient to cyber attacks, and fully capable of keeping your clients’ data safe. The SSL Certificate is a solution for that. So, what is an SSL Certificate? This article offers you a comprehensive answer.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The “SSL Certificate” stands for “Security Socket Layers Certificate”. This protocol protects the data traveling between two machines through encryption.

All the information from the Internet travels from one location to another in the form of HTTP language (HyperText Transfer Protocol). But HTTP by itself is susceptible to Internet tricksters and thieves. That’s why SSL Certificates were developed to protect the information traveling on the Internet.

You may know about the SSL Certificates by some common things you see in your browser: the padlock, the “HTTPS” on the browser tab (when HTTP is being protected by SSL it inherits the letter “S”).

These are all indications that the website you are using has SSL encryption and its information is secure against cyber attacks.

How does the SSL Certificate work?

Suppose you are the owner of an e-commerce company that sells bikes. You want people to feel safe when visiting your website. For your website to be secure, you need to install an SSL Certificate. Our SSL Wizard tool can recommend you the best SSL cert for your particular site. Check it out.

The Certificate Authority that provides the SSL Certificate brand that you choose, will make sure that that your website is a real website, and that a real company stands behind it. Once verified, you will receive your SSL Certificate. After that, you will install the SSL Certificate on your web server, or you can let us do that for you.

When your client browses through your website, a “virtual handshake” will connect the client’s browser with your company’s web server. This handshake is performed to make sure the certificate is valid and to protect your website and the customer. Our SSL Certificates provide a fast SSL handshake, to make sure that your website loads fast and that your client has a very pleasant experience.

When your client places an order, the SSL Certificate secures his sensitive information. As a result, he/she (the client) will be sure that you are a safe and legitimate company.

Without an SSL Certificate, attackers can try to steal your customers’ credit card details, usernames, passwords, and other important data, placing your company’s reputation at risk. Thanks to the SSL Certificate, your customer will get the product, you will get the customers, and the attackers will get nothing.

In short, what is an SSL Certificate? It’s a digital file that does both encryption and confirmation. It keeps sensitive data secure, and it confirms that you are a real and trustworthy business.

That’s how HTTPS and SSL Certificates keep your website safe and build trust for you as a company.