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Sectigo vs DigiCert – What Differentiates the Leading CAs

Sectigo and DigiCert are two standout SSL brands that top the market share for commercial Certificate Authorities. Both offer full-fledged encryption solutions and a wide range of products to meet different needs. While DigiCert focuses exclusively on the high-assurance market, Sectigo has an SSL certificate for everyone, regardless of size, niche, and budget. New SSL [...]

Top 10 Stats About SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have come a long way since the early days of HTTPS adoption. A decade ago, only large companies and shopping sites required encryption. SSL certs were expensive and riddled with security vulnerabilities. Today, encryption is mandatory for all websites, regardless of type and size. With more users than ever sharing sensitive data online, [...]

The evolution of SSL Certificates over the last 20 years

When John Wainwright, a computer scientist based in Silicon Valley, ordered the first-ever book on Amazon, the last thing he could have imagined is having a building named after him. But that’s exactly how much the biggest retailer on the planet values its first-ever non-employee customer. In a gigantic leap from the late nineties when the [...]

Three Reasons Why You Should Get an EV SSL – Case Studies

Do you run an online store and want to improve conversion rates? Are you a financial institution looking to boost customers’ trust? Do you want the best SSL security for your organization? All business owners, regardless of their niche aim to gain an advantage over the competition, and more often than not, the smallest details [...]

What is the best SSL certificate depending on the website type?

SSL certificates are a core element of website building. Along with getting a domain name and a reliable hosting provider, installing an SSL certificate is a priority for anyone who wants to build a successful website. Today, Chrome and Firefox, one of the most popular browsers, flag unencrypted sites as not secure. To visitors, this means [...]

Shared vs Private SSL Certificates – What’s the difference?

If you’re new to SSL certificates, they may seem quite puzzling at first. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has long been replaced by the more secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, yet the old "SSL" acronym is still in use. All SSL certificates issued by trusted CAs offer the same level of encryption, but some [...]

Multi-Domain vs. Wildcard SSL certificates – What is the difference?

Among all types of SSL certificates, Multi-Domain and Wildcard ones generate the most questions from the new users. While regular SSL certs secure just the main domain and are pretty easy to understand, Multi-Domain and Wildcard products are in a different class: more powerful, more flexible, and more expensive than their single-domain counterparts. Because both [...]

What is the best SSL Certificate for WordPress?

After Chrome and other browsers began flagging HTTP websites as “Not Secure”, the number of HTTPS websites has dramatically increased. And, with WordPress being by far the most popular CMS with a 60% market share, it’s currently witnessing a massive HTTPS migration. If you still haven’t encrypted your WP site, or you’re launching a brand [...]

The Best SSL Certificates to Secure Emails and Documents

Your email is a sacred place. Whether personal or business, it oversees and stores the most intimate conversations, confidential correspondence, private documents, and favorite newsletters. Unfortunately, many users don’t pay much attention to email security and don’t use SSL Certificates to secure emails and documents. Cyber threats riddle the online world, email accounts being the [...]

What are CodeSigning Certificates and how do they work?

The CodeSigning certificates increase the trustworthiness of your software products. This type of certificate protects your digital downloadable goods, like scripts or codes, by signing them and guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity. This certification brings a greater level of your customers’ trust, by ensuring that your content is safe and it belongs to your company. Moreover, [...]

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