Document Signing Certificates

Buy a Document Signing Certificate and Protect Your Data

Document signing certificates allow individuals and organizations to add a digital signature to their electronic documents to prove the legal identity of the document sender. Digital signatures ensure document authenticity and protect content integrity.

How Do Document Signing Certificates work?

When someone alters a digital document, the recipient receives a notification. Digital signatures support timestamping, offering extra security.

A document signing certificate relies on the digital signature to validate the sender and protect data. Digital signatures are similar to handwritten counterparts, but unlike physical or e-signatures, digital signatures are practically impossible to counterfeit.

When you digitally sign a document, you enable the ultra-secure PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) protocol that uses advanced hash algorithms to generate a pair of keys.

The private key makes your digital signature unique, while the public key decrypts your digital signature, allowing the document recipient to open and view the file. They can also check the document’s author credentials to ensure document authenticity.

Overseeing the entire document signing process is a Certificate Authority like Sectigo. This third-party entity offers digital document signing certificates that meet all the issuing and security compliance guidelines.

Benefits of Document Signing Certificates

Document Signing CertificatesA document signing certificate is an indispensable part of today’s world. Both public and private sectors digitally sign electronic documents in their daily operations and need a digital signature for enhanced security, seamless editing, and quick sharing. Below are just a few benefits of document signing:

Bulletproof encryption and unrivaled security

Simply put, a digital document signing certificate is virtually impossible to forge. Only a hypothetical quantum computer could theoretically break the 2048-bit key encryption. In the present, however, digital signatures are proving their strength and efficiency daily.

Extra protection for your keys

Digital documents include an iKeyUSB token that stores your private key. It also provides two-factor authentication taking digital signature security to an entirely new level.

Unquestionable Credibility

Electronic documents that verify and confirm the sender’s identity via an extensive vetting process are legally binding. When you digitally sign PDF documents, they comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and various international laws.

Adobe® Acrobat Document Integrity

Sectigo document signing certificates allow organizations to encrypt Adobe Acrobat documents with digital signatures. Certification originates from the Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) or the Certificate Authorities, which are members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). With Adobe being the universal document processor and reader, you can now digitally sign pdf documents and send them anywhere in the world.

Business Validation and improved trust

Business Validation brings a higher level of trust and assurance to partners and customers that the document is signed by a representative of an authentic organization operating in good faith. The certificate fields include the Company Name, email address, and the first and last names of the signer.

Full Browser Compatibility

Any document signing certificate is fully compatible with most browsers and desktop platforms. You can use it for Microsoft products and open-source alternatives such as Libre Office. You’ll be able to sign your documents on mobile devices as well.

Competitive cost

If you’re looking for a cheap document signing certificate, you’ve come to the right place. Our prices are below market average, and you can save up to $50 when buying a multi-year subscription.

The Best Document Signing Certificates

When choosing a document signing certificate, look for a reliable Certificate Authority with an impeccable reputation, excellent prices, and high-end products available worldwide. Sectigo (formerly Comodo) fits all these criteria. Below we present two relatively cheap digital signing certificates that seamlessly secure most electronic documents.

Sectigo Document Signing Certificate

Sectigo Document Signing certificate digitally signs e-documents and provides Business Validation, helping companies manage the document workflow more efficiently and securely. You can get this document signing cert in 1 to 7 business days or even faster with an LEI Code, providing you meet the following validation requirements:

  • Domain Control, Identity Verification,
  • Organization Validation

The certificate fields include the Company Name, email address, and the first and last names of the signer.

Comodo Document Signing Certificate

Comodo Document Signing Certificate includes the same specs and features as the Sectigo Document Signing certificate. The only difference between them is the name. Comodo rebranded as Sectigo, but the old name still keeps its legacy in the customers’ minds and perceptions – a testament to Comodo’s excellent reputation.

Final Thoughts

Digital document signing certificates are in high demand nowadays. As more and more companies transition from traditional paper documents to digital workflows, now is the perfect time to digitally sign your documentation and reap the numerous benefits that digital signatures offer. In SSL Dragon, you have a reliable provider with excellent options and support to satisfy your specific needs.