Whether you accidentally or purposefully enter some incorrect information during the CSR generation process, the CSR and the Private Key will still be issued to you immediately. However, once you use the CSR code to apply for an SSL Certificate, you may or may not be issued an SSL Certificate. It is solely at the Certificate Authority’s discretion to approve or decline your SSL Certificate issuance if you entered incorrect information about you and your company.

If you found out that the CSR is wrong and you already configured the SSL, please open a ticket with us and provide the correct CSR.

If you realized that you entered incorrect information in the CSR while generating it, you simply have to put aside, ignore or delete your existing CSR and Private Key. After that, you should generate a new CSR code (which will automatically generate a new Private Key too), using correct information about yourself and your company. Use the newer CSR when applying for an SSL Certificate, and then your newer Private Key when installing your SSL Certificate on your website and server.