If you generated your CSR code on the CSR Generator on our website, then the CSR and the Private Key were both shown to you when you generated your CSR. They were also sent to your email address that you included in the CSR form that you filled in on our website. The message that was sent to your email address came from [email protected] and it had the following subject: “Your CSR code and your Private Key”.

If you generated your CSR on your server, then your CSR code and your Private Key were both provided to you by your server. You had to copy both on your computer or email, and store them in a safe place. In some cases, some servers may show the CSR code and the Private Key, and at the same time store both these pieces of code for you on the server. In other cases, the server only provides you the CSR code and keeps the Private Key hidden on the server.

Also, your CSR code will be displayed to you again when your SSL Certificate is issued. Once the SSL Certificate is issued and shown in your SSL Dragon account, it will also show you the CSR code that you used to configure your SSL Certificate.