Thawte Code Signing Certificates

If you’re looking to buy a Thawte Code Signing certificate, it’s no longer available. Thwate became part of Digicert with the completion of the Symantec web security acquisition in 2017. DigiCert rebranded and enhanced it to offer the ultimate code signing solution.

Get the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate for just $366,66 per year and save $100 with a multi-year SSL subscription. Join the leading software development companies that are already using DigiCert to secure digital goods and safeguard users from cyber threats.

The new DigiCert Code Signing certificate kept the core specs of the Thawte Code Signing certificate and added state-of-the-art validation and encryption technology so that your executables and apps thrive anywhere.

Trusted by Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe Air, and a host of other systems, the DigiCert Code Signing certificate streamlines the downloads and ensures a safe user experience. Backed by a generous $1,500,000 SSL warranty, it protects your intellectual property and prevents security warnings, keeping your reputation and code intact.

About Thawte Code Signing Certificates

Thawte Code Signing certificate was one of the most popular options for software protection and code integrity. The top choice of leading code publishers, Thawte offered the best value for money and the assurance of safe and genuine digital programs.

A Thawte Code Signing certificate included a digital signature, the company’s name, and an optional timestamp to alert users about third-party changes in the source code. Compatible with any platform and universally trusted across all systems, the cheap Thawte code signing certificate (just $168,99 per year) was our customers’ preferred product.

Featuring swift organization validation, industry-leading encryption, and a $50,000 warranty against fraudulent issuance, the Thawte Code Signing Certificate topped the premium code signing sales charts until.