Thawte Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

Buy a Thawte EV SSL Certificate at a Great Price

A Thawte Extended Validation SSL certificate offers premium encryption and validation to large e-commerce websites and online businesses. Buy a Thawte EV SSL certificate and get the highest customer trust thanks to unbreakable encryption and industry-approved identity authentication.

Thawte Web Server EV is a versatile Extended Validation certificate with top-notch features for the ultimate sensitive data protection. It secures one domain by default and includes the multi-domain option for an extra fee. If you’re looking for an affordable Extended Validation solution, this cheap Thawte EV SSL certificate offers the best value for money. Jam-packed with premium features, it’s the top choice for traffic-heavy websites, e-commerce platforms, and fintech companies.

Benefits of Thawte EV SSL Certificate

Thwaite Extended Validation Certificate offers industry-leading features at an excellent price. Check its multiple benefits below:

Boosts Trust and Conversions

Extended Validation is the best indicator of an authentic website operating in good faith. Get validated by the oldest Certificate Authority and watch your reputation and sales grow. Customers appreciate safe and trustworthy websites and will shop with confidence on a Thawte-protected platform.

Advanced Encryption

All Thawte certificates follow first-class encryption standards set by the regulatory authorities. The 256-bit SSL encryption and the 2048-bit RSA key signature are impossible to break by humans. Your customers’ sensitive data will always remain safe.

$1,500,000 warranty

If something goes wrong with your Thawte EV SSL certificate due to fraudulent issuance, Thawte will compensate any losses for up to $1,500,000. The generous SSL warranty offers users peace of mind when using your services.

Dynamic site seal

Thawte’s dynamic site seal, available in 18 languages, is one of the most recognizable trust indicators. You can place it on your checkout pages, sidebars, headers, or footer and let visitors know how serious you are about sensitive data protection.

Multi-Domain option available

Thawte Web Server EV certificate, allows you to secure up to 100 domains and subdomains under a single SSL installation. Protect an entire network of websites with one-time configuration. Save time and money with the multi-domain capability.