Trial SSL Certificates

Trial SSL Certificates offer you the possibility to test a fully-functioning SSL product on different servers and email clients for up to three months without spending a dime. If you’ve never bought a digital certificate before and aren’t sure which one to choose, a Trial SSL cert is an excellent option to start. You can run it on various platforms for testing purposes, or install it on your site and enjoy the amazing SSL benefits. After the free SSL trial expires, you can easily issue and install your paid certificate, and keep your site secure. These Free Trial SSLs can be added to your Sectigo Essential SSL, Sectigo Positive SSL, Sectigo SSL Certificate, or RapidSSL Standard orders for free during checkout. 

Sectigo Trial SSL

Sectigo (formerly Comodo)

Sectigo Trial SSL  is hands down the best free trial SSL certificate available today. It is perfect for personal websites and small businesses. You can get it in just five minutes and use it on your site for a whopping 90 days free of charge. Sectigo Trial SSL is the trial version of Essential SSL, one of the most popular SSL certificates in the world. It comes with the industry-standard 128/256-bit encryption and 2048 signature key. With such powerful encryption, no hacker will be able to decrypt your visitors’ sensitive data.

Sectigo trial certificate is compatible with all the major web and mobile browsers, as well as the majority of server platforms and email clients. Upon the installation, the SSL padlock will activate, notifying your audience about your certificate’s details and expiration date. Browsers will no longer scare off your site’s visitors with warning messages.

This free SSL certificate trial also comes with Sectigo’s famous static site seal that further improves your credibility and customer trust. Once the trial expires, you can seamlessly upgrade to the paid version. All in all, Sectigo Trial SSL is an offer you can’t refuse. No company offers a longer SSL trial and a better deal than Sectigo.

RapidSSL Trial

RapidSSL Trial is the 30-day trial version of the highly popular RapidSSL standard certificate. You can install and test it on basic websites, blogs, online portfolios, and small businesses. This free trial SSL certificate secures one domain and requires a simple website authentication. All you have to do is prove domain ownership, and the trial SSL cert is yours in 5 minutes.

RapidSSL Trial employs the latest encryption technology, mainly 256-bit encryption and 2048 signature key to keep your website safe. It runs smoothly on any web and mobile browser, and you can install it on all the major server platforms and email clients. With this free SSL trial certificate, your website will have the SSL padlock for an entire month, enough time to build your safety reputation and users trust.

As an extra feature, you will also receive the Rapid SSL static site seal – another powerful SSL indicator to further showcase your trustworthiness. After the RapidSSL trial expires, you can easily issue and install the full version, or select another certificate for your online project.