Certificados SSL DV de multidominio

Obtenga un certificado SSL multidominio de validación de dominio económico

Los certificados SSL multidominio de validación de dominio protegen múltiples dominios y subdominios. Son los certificados SSL más rentables del mercado, con un único periodo de instalación y renovación.

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¿Qué es un certificado SSL DV de multidominio?

Certificados SSL DV de multidominio

Los certificados SSL DV de multidominio protegen tus dominios/subdominios internos y externos con una única instalación SSL y un único periodo de renovación. Para obtener un certificado multidominio con validación de dominio, debes demostrar a la CA que eres el propietario del sitio web que quieres cifrar.

Dependiendo de la marca o producto SSL que elijas, tu certificado SSL DV de multidominio incluirá por defecto hasta 4 dominios adicionales (llamados SAN). Siempre puedes comprar SAN adicionales en la página de pago si necesitas más dominios.

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Utiliza nuestro Asistente SSL para seleccionar tus opciones, y te ayudaremos a encontrar el certificado SSL adecuado.

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Christopher Broderick
junio 15, 2022, , united kingdom

Great selection of certificates with a clear definition of properties for each certificate makes it easy to choose the right one.

Munro James
octubre 31, 2020, Victoria, AU

Easier and cheaper than going directly and ordering via the vendor, thank you for the information and the simple shopping experience.

Kelly Mark
octubre 29, 2020, Dublin, IE

Excellent customer service when I ordered the wrong cert! The support team then helped me get the correct cert and refunded me on the incorrect cert I bought! Very fast and a happy customer.

junio 23, 2020

One of the most reliable SSL brands. If you need to secure subdomains and can afford it, don’t think twice. Get it.

junio 12, 2020

The price seems fair for an EV certificate, especially the two-year deal. Unlike my previous provider, which I won’t advertise here, at SSL Dragon, the buying steps are easier and better explained.

mayo 31, 2020

Always a pleasure doing business with SSL Dragon. Thawte certificates consistently deliver the highest encryption and customer trust.

mayo 16, 2020

Was assigned to secure several NGO sites. Picked this certificate because of a higher warranty and reasonable price. It’s always a pleasure to work with SSL Dragon.

diciembre 17, 2019

Simply the best. Easy to buy and configure. Plenty of features. Can display the site seal in different languages as well.

noviembre 5, 2019

A top-class product from a reputable company. Credits to SSL Dragon as well, for a smooth buying experience and excellent price.

mayo 3, 2019

This is the third SSL Certificate I buy from SSL Dragon, and the first one from GeoTrust. All I can say is the certs work as described in the specs, and the support is very friendly.

marzo 24, 2019

The SSL wizard recommended this certificate for our e-stores. We’re already on the third renewal, and during all these years, didn’t have a single issue with it.

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