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We offer a variety of cheap Sectigo SSL certificates, so you can secure your website and increase customer trust at an affordable price. And with our 25-day money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re making a risk-free investment in your online security.

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Sectigo SSL Vorteile

Die ausgezeichneten Produkte von Sectigo und die atemberaubenden Preise begeistern immer wieder die kommenden Kunden. Kein anderer SSL-Anbieter kann eine so große Auswahl an SSL-Zertifikaten vorweisen. Hier sind die wichtigsten Gründe für die Wahl von Sectigo:

SSL-Zertifikate für jeden Bedarf

Ganz gleich, ob Sie ein SSL-Zertifikat für einen Blog oder ein millionenschweres Unternehmen benötigen, Sectigo hat das Richtige für Sie. Es gibt keine Website oder Plattform, die Sectigo nicht absichern kann.

SSL-Zertifikate für jedes Budget

Sectigo is by far the most budget-friendly Certificate Authority on the market. The cheapest Sectigo SSL certificate per year costs less than a premium coffee drink, while the premium products are way more affordable than other brands.

Verschlüsselung auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik

All Sectigo certificates follow the latest encryption levels and web security standards such as 2048-bit key encryption, up to 256-bit certificate encryption, and SHA-2 secure hash algorithm.

99,3% Browser-Kompatibilität

The majority of web browsers trust Sectigo. Whether it’s Chrome, Safari, or the less popular Konqueror, sensitive data exchange between visitors’ browsers and websites’ servers is always secure.


All Sectigo certificates include a warranty in the unlikely event of a data breach. Sectigo warranties range between $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the SSL certificate.

Größeres Kundenvertrauen

In Sectigo, you have a reliable web security partner by your side. Your visitors and customers can browse and share personal information with peace of mind.

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Verwenden Sie unseren SSL-Assistenten, um die für Sie zutreffenden Optionen auszuwählen, und wir helfen Ihnen, das richtige SSL-Zertifikat zu finden.

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Customer Reviews
Christopher Broderick
Juni 15, 2022, , united kingdom

Great selection of certificates with a clear definition of properties for each certificate makes it easy to choose the right one.

Munro James
Oktober 31, 2020, Victoria, AU

Easier and cheaper than going directly and ordering via the vendor, thank you for the information and the simple shopping experience.

Kelly Mark
Oktober 29, 2020, Dublin, IE

Excellent customer service when I ordered the wrong cert! The support team then helped me get the correct cert and refunded me on the incorrect cert I bought! Very fast and a happy customer.

Juni 23, 2020

One of the most reliable SSL brands. If you need to secure subdomains and can afford it, don’t think twice. Get it.

Juni 12, 2020

The price seems fair for an EV certificate, especially the two-year deal. Unlike my previous provider, which I won’t advertise here, at SSL Dragon, the buying steps are easier and better explained.

Mai 31, 2020

Always a pleasure doing business with SSL Dragon. Thawte certificates consistently deliver the highest encryption and customer trust.

Mai 16, 2020

Was assigned to secure several NGO sites. Picked this certificate because of a higher warranty and reasonable price. It’s always a pleasure to work with SSL Dragon.

Dezember 17, 2019

Simply the best. Easy to buy and configure. Plenty of features. Can display the site seal in different languages as well.

November 5, 2019

A top-class product from a reputable company. Credits to SSL Dragon as well, for a smooth buying experience and excellent price.

Mai 3, 2019

This is the third SSL Certificate I buy from SSL Dragon, and the first one from GeoTrust. All I can say is the certs work as described in the specs, and the support is very friendly.

März 24, 2019

The SSL wizard recommended this certificate for our e-stores. We’re already on the third renewal, and during all these years, didn’t have a single issue with it.

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