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Generate CSR

Generate CSR

You can use this CSR Generator tool for free. It will automatically generate your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and your Private Key, based on the information which you will introduce in the CSR form below. You will need the CSR code when applying for an SSL Certificate under your SSL Dragon account.

When you generate your CSR code, we will display it on this page instead of the CSR Generator form. The page will refresh, so make sure you scroll down where the CSR Generator was, to see your newly generated CSR code and your Private Key. We will also send you the CSR code and the Private Key by email, for backup purposes. Please make sure you save your CSR and Private Key, so as you will need the Private Key when you install the SSL Certificate on your website and server.

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What do I do next?

Once you got your CSR code and Private Key, you can enter your CSR when ordering an SSL Certificate. Here is where you need to enter your CSR code:

  1. Sign in to “My Account” on our SSL Dragon website;
  2. Once you are logged in, go to the main menu, select “Services” -> “My Services“;
  3. You will see the list of SSL Certificates which you bought on our website. Click on the SSL Certificate which you have just ordered, to enter its details page;
  4. When you are on the details page of the SSL certificate which you bought, go towards the bottom of the page, and click on the green button which says “Go to the SSL Certificate configure wizard”;
  5. Fill in the 2 or 3 steps form, by entering your personal and your company information. The second thing that you will be asked about on this form is the CSR. Copy and paste your CSR code in the text area which asks you for your CSR;
  6. Once the 2 or 3 steps form is completed in full, your SSL Certificate order will be submitted to the Certificate Authority;
  7. A message will come on the email address which you selected on Step 2. You need to go to your email address, and confirm that you are the owner of the domain name which you asked for an SSL Certificate for;
  8. Once these are done successfully, you will receive your SSL Certificate in anything between 5 minutes (for a Domain Validation SSL Certificate) and 7-10 days (for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate).

What is a CSR?

“CSR” stands for “Certificate Signing Request”. The CSR code represents an encrypted text message which a person or a company sends to the Certificate Authority through SSL Dragon as a part of applying for an SSL Certificate. The CSR code contains information about you and your company, which will be included in the SSL Certificate that will be issued to you.

Why do I need a CSR?

You need a CSR in order to apply for an SSL Certificate. Later, when your SSL Certificate is issued to you, then you will also use the CSR code for the activation of the TLS (Transport Layer Security).

What information does the CSR contain?

The CSR contains the following encrypted information: your country, state, city/town, name of the organization, department from your organization, the domain name that you want the SSL Certificate to be issued for, and the email address where your CSR code and the Private Key will be sent to once they are both generated.

What if I accidentally or purposefully put some wrong information in the CSR?

Whether you accidentally or purposefully enter some incorrect information during the CSR generation process, the CSR and the Private Key will still be issued to you immediately. However, once you use the CSR code to apply for an SSL Certificate, you may or may not be issued an SSL Certificate. It is solely at the Certificate Authority’s discretion to approve or decline your SSL Certificate issuance if you entered incorrect information about you and your company.

If you realized that you entered incorrect information in the CSR while generating it, you simply have to put aside, ignore or delete your existing CSR and Private Key. After that, you should generate a new CSR code (which will automatically generate a new Private Key too), using correct information about yourself and your company. Use the newer CSR when applying for an SSL Certificate, and then your newer Private Key when installing your SSL Certificate on your website and server.

How soon is the CSR issued?

A CSR is issued immediately. It will be issued to you as soon as you fill in the CSR Generator form from above.

How to check what information my CSR has? Is it possible to look into my CSR?

Yes, you can look what information your CSR includes, by doing a process which is opposite to encrypting it. You can use our CSR Decoder tool in order to see what information is included in your CSR. You can do that our CSR Decoder page.

What if I lost my CSR? What if I lost my Private Key?

In order to prevent the situation when you loose your CSR code and Private Key, we automatically send the CSR code and the Private Key to the email which you provided when using the CSR Generator from above. Please check your email, so as we always send a message from SSL Dragon ([email protected]) where we include your CSR code and Private Key. However, if you lost or cannot find the email message from us, and you did not save a copy of your CSR code and Private Key, then you will not be able to apply for an SSL Certificate, and you will not be able to install your SSL Certificate on your website and server. However, that is easy to solve by getting a new CSR code. You can get a new CSR code and a new Private Key using the CSR Generator from above.