How to Install an SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL certificate requires technical skills, experience, and access to your hosting account. If you’ve never done it before, the process may seem complex.

With our extensive tutorials on how to install an SSL certificate, even novices can do it. Just follow our SSL certificate installation guides for over 80 servers and email clients.

Most systems have specific SSL policies and installation guidelines, and the SSL installation steps will differ from server to server. We’re always updating our guides and list of platforms to bring you the most precise SSL installation instructions for your particular server.

How to Manually Install an SSL Certificate?

How to Install an SSL Certificate on a Server?

In essence, SSL certificate installation comes down to uploading the SSL files from your local device to your website’s server. But before you reach that point, you need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and obtain the SSL files from your Certificate Authority (CA).
The CA will usually deliver the configuration files in a ZIP archived folder to your email address. You have to download it to your local device and extract the contents. Once you have the server SSL certificate (issued for your website) and the CA Bundle (file containing root and intermediate certificates), you can begin the SSL certificate installation.

Where to Install the SSL Certificate?

The default location of the SSL certificate will vary from server to server. Depending on your server type and installation method, you may find it via the “Upload SSL” section on the web control panel or with an OpenSSL command.

On this page, we’ve compiled detailed installation guides for SSL certificates, covering more than 80 platforms. You can either explore these guides by category, or quickly find your server name by using the “CTRL + F” shortcut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to install an SSL certificate?

Installing an SSL certificate is quite easy and can usually be done in a few simple steps. First, you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file and submit it to the Certificate Authority. Once the SSL certificate is issued, you will then need to install it on the web server. Depending on the server, the installation process may vary, but the documentation provided by the hosting company or CA should make this straightforward.

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How long does it take to install an SSL certificate?

The amount of time it takes to install an SSL certificate will depend on a few factors such as the web server platform, type of Certificate Authority, and complexity of the installation. Generally speaking, an SSL certificate can be installed in a few minutes if all of the necessary information is available. If additional steps are required, it may take longer to complete the installation.

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How much does it cost to install an SSL certificate on my website?

The cost of installing an SSL certificate on a website will vary depending on the type of certificate you choose and the Certificate Authority. To buy a certificate costs between $7 to hundreds of dollars per year.

The cost of having someone install an SSL certificate on your website will depend on their specific skills and the complexity of your particular installation. You can find web developers or IT professionals who specialize in SSL certificate installations and negotiate a fee with them based on their experience and project scope. Their costs will range from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

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Where do I install the SSL certificate?

You install the SSL certificate on your website’s hosting server. The file directory will vary from system to system, but it’s usually indicated next to the “Upload Certificate” section. Some platforms will automatically upload the certificate in the correct folder, while other clients may support only OpenSSL commands for certificate installation.

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How to install the SSL certificate on my website?

To install the SSL certificate on your website, you must get it from a valid CA by submitting the Certificate Signing Request. After the CA validates your application, you will receive the installation files via email. Your next step is to download them on your local computer and then upload the files to the website server. This is a brief explanation of how to enable SSL.

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How to install the SSL certificate on a server?

To install the SSL certificate on a server, you must upload the SSL certificate files, including the root and intermediate certificates (usually included in a CA Bundle file), from your device to the server of the website you want to encrypt. As there isn’t a universal process for SSL certificate installation, the quickest way to enable HTTPS on any server is by following our SSL installation guides.

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