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What Is a Certificate Authority and How Do CAs Work?

Certificate authorities are the backbone of the SSL industry and the spine that holds all the encryption and security processes together. We cannot create or request SSL certificates without a certificate authority. Whether you need a self-signed certificate for your intranet organization or a public SSL cert to secure your website, a certificate issuing authority [...]

What Is CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in SSL?

Website encryption is mandatory nowadays, and the way to enable it is by installing an SSL certificate on your server. But before you get the certificate from the certificate authority (CA), you must generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) code and send it to the CA for validation. This in-depth guide reveals what is a [...]

SSL vs TLS. What Is the Difference Between SSL and TLS Certificates?

SSL and TLS are interchangeable acronyms when put next to the "certificate" term, but fundamentally, they are different cryptographic protocols designed to perform the same task. In this ultimate SSL vs TLS guide, we'll have a closer look at each protocol and its distinct features so that you know the difference between SSL and TLS. [...]

Root and Intermediate Certificates – What Is the Difference?

At first glance, an SSL certificate seems straightforward. You install it on your server to secure your visitors’ sensitive data, and it works flawlessly until expiration. Most web owners rarely delve deeper into SSL/TLS technical aspects. They let professionals handle the certificate configuration and renewal. Many won’t even care about the difference between root certificates [...]

What Is a CA Bundle in SSL and How to Create It

When you install an SSL certificate, your server may ask to import a CA bundle along with your primary certificate. Here’s where users usually encounter difficulties. They either don’t know where to find the CA bundle or struggle to create it. So, what is a CA bundle? This guide will take you through the key [...]

What Is the .well-known Folder and How to Create It?

This quick guide answers one of the most common questions during Domain Control Validation (DCV): what is the .well-known folder? You will also learn how to create the .well-known folder on your server and why you need it in the first place. Table of Contents What is the .well-known folder? What should I put in [...]

What Is OpenSSL? How Does OpenSSL Work?

Proper SSL implementation is crucial to a website’s security and success. And, with so many web owners learning about SSL for the first time, it’s essential to equip them with all the necessary tools and utilities. One such tool is OpenSSL. So, what is OpenSSL, and why is it so important? The following guide covers [...]

Where to Buy SSL Certificates and Save Money in the Process?

SSL certificates have long become mainstream. And they aren’t just a cog in the wheel but an essential element of website building. Without SSL, there’s not even a point in running a website these days.  Browsers flag unencrypted sites as not secure, while visitors get worrying security messages. On top of that, unsecured content doesn’t [...]

OV Code Signing Certificates to be Issued on Real Devices

OV Code Signing certificates are to software developers like SSL certificates are to a website. Without them, the publisher remains unknown, while the code is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. As is with any PKI product, protecting Code signing keys is essential. But just like with regular SSL certs, sometimes the keys fall into the wrong [...]

Microsoft 365 services to replace Root Certificate in 2025

Root SSL certificates are at the core of the SSL chain of trust. Certificate Authorities use them to issue server certificates to end-users. Browsers and apps include root certs in their installation pack and can swiftly revoke them during security incidents. CAs replace root certificates well in advance before they expire. Certificate Authorities store the [...]

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