What Are Digital Certificates? Explore Their Types, Benefits, and Examples

Imagine conducting an online transaction, and you must ensure the other party’s identity is legitimate. How will you go about it? All you need is a digital certificate that verifies entities in digital exchanges. But what is a digital certificate? And how does it guarantee secure communications? With so many digital certificate types, understanding their […]

What are HTTP/3 and QUIC Protocols?

Ready to boost your web performance? This article will show you how. We’ll explore HTTP/3, the latest protocol making the web faster and more secure, and QUIC, the powerhouse technology behind it. Expect a deep dive into the benefits of these protocols, including speed and reliability improvements, and an honest look at any limitations. By […]

What is ACME Protocol and How Does it Work?

If you’re managing a website, you’ve probably heard about SSL/TLS certificates and the importance of securing web communications. But what if you could automate the entire process of issuing, renewing, and revoking these certificates? That’s where ACME, or Automated Certificate Management Environment, comes in. You can streamline certificate management using the ACME protocol through automated […]

What is an ECC SSL Certificate and How Does it Work?

SSL certificates need no introduction, even to less tech-savvy users. With all of the web using them to encrypt sensitive data online, they’ve become a familiar term to website owners and visitors alike. However, not all SSL certs are identical. Besides supporting various validation levels, they have different encryption technology for specific needs. Have you […]

How to Secure a Domain Name Like a Pro In 12 Efficient Ways

Domain names are the cornerstone of any successful online business. Whether launching a new venture or expanding an existing one, understanding how to secure a domain name is crucial. Your website domain represents your brand and is the gateway for customers to access your services. With cyber threats rising, domain protection is more important than […]

What is Domain Hijacking and How to Prevent It?

Domain hijacking may not be the most evident cybersecurity threat, but when it happens, it can damage your online business operations and expose sensitive information. Attackers use sophisticated methods like phishing, social engineering tactics, and exploiting registrar account vulnerabilities to seize control of your domain. So, what is a domain hijacking? How does it work? […]

SSL Certificate Validity Period – Your Guide to SSL Lifespan and Renewal

You’ve probably noticed that SSL certificates don’t last forever, but do you know why their validity period is limited? Industry standards and security best practices dictate a specific timeframe to ensure regular updates and minimize risks. Understanding the factors influencing SSL certificate duration and recognizing the signs of upcoming expiration will help you maintain your […]

What is an SSL VPN and How Does it Work?

If you browse the web regularly, chances are you’ve seen VPN mentions in articles or ads. Maybe you’re even using one yourself, but are you familiar with SSL VPNs and how they work? For those new to the subject, a VPN is a service that encrypts and routes your internet connection through a secure server, […]

What Is an OV SSL Certificate and How Does It Work?

Running an online business starts with thorough web security practices. You may offer the best products or services, but if you fail to protect customers’ sensitive data, it may all be in vain. Here’s where an Organization Validation (OV) SSL cert comes in. But what is an OV SSL certificate, and why is it so […]

What is a DV SSL Certificate and How It Works?

You’ve likely heard about DV SSL certificates, but do you know how they work to protect your website? As the most basic form of SSL security, a Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate confirms that you own your domain through a simple verification process. Yet, the simplicity of DV SSL might leave you wondering: is it […]