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Where to Buy SSL Certificates and Save Money in the Process?

SSL certificates have long become mainstream. And they aren’t just a cog in the wheel but an essential element of website building. Without SSL, there’s not even a point in running a website these days.  Browsers flag unencrypted sites as not secure, while visitors get worrying security messages. On top of that, unsecured content doesn’t [...]

How to Create the well-known Folder for Domain Validation?

Domain Validation (DV) or Domain Control Validation (DCV) is a step every SSL applicant must pass before receiving an SSL certificate from the Certificate Authority. It involves proving ownership or management rights over the domain or subdomain you intend to secure. CAs provide several validation methods to speed up the process: Email method HTTP/HTTPS method [...]

OV Code Signing Certificates to be Issued on Real Devices

OV Code Signing certificates are to software developers like SSL certificates are to a website. Without them, the publisher remains unknown, while the code is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. As is with any PKI product, protecting Code signing keys is essential. But just like with regular SSL certs, sometimes the keys fall into the wrong [...]

Microsoft 365 services to replace Root Certificate in 2025

Root SSL certificates are at the core of the SSL chain of trust. Certificate Authorities use them to issue server certificates to end-users. Browsers and apps include root certs in their installation pack and can swiftly revoke them during security incidents. CAs replace root certificates well in advance before they expire. Certificate Authorities store the [...]

SSL renewal – The Complete Guide to Renewing Your Certificate

Renewing your SSL certificate on time is as important as securing your website for the first time. An expired certificate is one of the most common causes of SSL connection errors. In this article, we'll show you how to renew your SSL cert hassle-free so that your website remains protected around the clock. Before we [...]

How much does an SSL certificate cost in 2022?

It's 2022, and the online world is now a much more significant and accepted part of our lives. Digital transformation is ubiquitous, making the Web more accessible and secure. Most industry analyst firms conclude that 80-90 percent of network traffic is encrypted today. SSL certificates have become an essential element of any website, regardless of [...]

How to Pass Domain Control Validation (DCV)?

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is a step every applicant must pass before receiving the SSL certificate from the Certificate Authority. It doesn't require any paperwork, and the process is straightforward. Certificate Authorities use DCV to verify the person making the request is authorized to use the domain related to that request. To confirm you have [...]

How to Fix the Expired Intermediate SSL Certificate Error?

SSL certificates work quietly in the background and protect sensitive data from cyber thieves. An entire certificate's lifecycle can pass without a single issue. But sometimes, users experience annoying SSL errors that need an immediate fix. Most SSL issues are server-side related and originate from a faulty configuration or improper installation. For instance, a missing [...]

Can a Wildcard Certificate Secure Second-Level Subdomains?

SSL certificates can secure websites of any size and complexity. Since HTTPS became a requirement, more users have learned how to install and manage SSL certs on different platforms. However, the less tech-savvy folks face stern challenges when the multi-level subdomains come into the equation. Unlike single websites that use a one-domain certificate, you can [...]

How to Fix Cloudflare Error 525 – SSL Handshake Failed?

A website can’t function properly without an SSL certificate. If you don't have one installed on your server, browsers will flag that your connection is not secure. The thing with SSL certificates is that they provide unbreakable encryption but are prone to various errors related to technical mishaps or faulty configuration.  A common issue that [...]

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