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Where to Buy SSL Certificates and Save Money in the Process?

SSL certificates have long become mainstream. And they aren’t just a cog in the wheel but an essential element of website building. Without SSL, there’s not even a point in running a website these days.  Browsers flag unencrypted sites as not secure, while visitors get worrying security messages. On top of that, unsecured content doesn’t [...]

How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost in 2023?

It's 2023, and the online world is now a much more significant and accepted part of our lives. Digital transformation is ubiquitous, making the Web more accessible and secure. Most industry analyst firms conclude that 80-90 percent of network traffic is encrypted today. SSL certificates have become an essential element of any website, regardless of [...]

SSL Resellers vs Hosting Providers – Where to Buy?

SSL certificates have become a necessity for all types of websites. From small blogs to large e-commerce enterprises, everyone needs SSL to secure visitors’ sensitive data and remain accessible via popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  In this article we'll show you where to buy an SSL certificate so you can save money [...]

Top 5 SSL Certificate Providers to Secure Your Website

SSL Certificates are a hot topic right now. With more people than ever choosing to secure their websites, you don’t want to be left behind. Today, getting an SSL Certificate is easy, but finding the best SSL Certificate providers may be trickier than expected. With so many Certificate Authorities on the market offering different types [...]

How to Quickly Evaluate SSL Certificate Companies

So, you’ve finally decided to install a brand new SSL Certificate on your website. That’s great news for your site and visitors. All you have to do now is pick an SSL provider (Certificate Authority), and you’re on the way to better security and a higher level of trust. Unfortunately, choosing the right Certificate Authority [...]

Are There Any Free or Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates Available?

No matter what product you buy online, your first instinct is to check for a free or inexpensive alternative. The same applies to cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates. In the beginning, you’re happy to use a freebie, but its shortcomings start to stick out in the long run. SSL Certificates are not different in this regard. The free [...]

Free vs. Paid SSL certificates – What is the difference?

Website owners have always been concerned about the security of their websites. When Google announced its “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative in 2014 (by giving higher rankings to “HTTPS” websites in their search results), SSL Certificate became one of the top priorities for webmasters. A few years later, Chrome and Firefox began flagging all HTTP sites as [...]

When is the best time to buy an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates have always had a significant impact on a website’s credibility, especially on those websites which handle sensitive users' information, such as credit card details and personal information. However, with Chrome flagging all HTTP websites as not secure, an SSL Certificate became one of the key elements when launching a website, and a must-have [...]

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