Top Code Signing Certificate Providers By Price and Features

Top Code Signing Certificate Providers

Are you looking for a reliable code signing certificate provider to secure your next digital program? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you need individual, business, or extended validation, we have the optimal products for your project and budget.

However, with numerous providers in the market, it can be daunting to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll explore the top three code signing certificate providers — Sectigo, DigiCert, and GoGetSSL — and highlight their best offerings to help you choose the ideal option for your apps.

3 Best Code Signing Certificate Providers

A good code signing certificate provider offers first-class protection against code altering and third-party intrusion. It should feature an easy enrollment, delivery, and installation process and provide helpful support around the clock.

When choosing a provider, look for trustworthiness, pricing with no hidden fees, compatibility with your platforms, and solid security measures to protect your code. These factors ensure your code signing process is smooth, reliable, and secure.

At SSL Dragon, all our code signing certificates fit the above standards. We are official resellers of the top 3 code signing providers and offer the ultimate code-signing solutions to individuals and software publishing companies.


Sectigo is a leading provider of digital security solutions offering code-signing certificates trusted by developers worldwide. Their certificates have advanced features to protect software integrity and build user trust.

Here’s what they offer:

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Sectigo Code Signing certificate is the preferred choice for individuals and businesses on a budget. It asserts identity and ensures software integrity with its unique digital signature, building trust with users and numerous systems. Best of all, it supports both individual and business validation, protecting the digital creations of independent developers and software companies.

With seamless compatibility across desktop and mobile platforms, this Sectigo cert eliminates suspicious warnings and guarantees a smooth user experience. It follows unbreakable encryption standards, meeting NIST and CA/B Forum security benchmarks for peace of mind.

As for the price, it’s the cheapest option on the market at only $219 per year if you buy a multi-year subscription.

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

The Sectigo EV Code Signing certificate boosts your software’s credibility to the highest levels. It is the perfect choice for IT companies seeking maximum publisher identity and customer trust. It safeguards digital goods against cyber threats and ensures unparalleled authenticity.

Extended Validation leaves no doubt about your genuine business identity while your code remains untampered and protected. Moreover, customers receive instant notifications of any malicious attempts.

But there’s more: you’ll gain a reputational advantage with the Microsoft SmartScreen, the filter every Windows user faces when installing a new program. All this for just $287 per year.


DigiCert is a premium certificate authority that issues code signing certificates for the high-end sector, including tech giants and large software publishers. It offers high-level assurance that software under DigiCert protection is safe and comes from an authentic company.

Here are their code signing options:

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

The DigiCert Code Signing certificate assures users of software authenticity and integrity and is endorsed by DigiCert’s industry-leading reputation. Displaying your company name as a verified publisher eliminates warning messages during installation, ensuring user trust. The top-tier security measures and the substantial warranty against potential breaches protect the code effectively.

Obtaining the certificate is simple, requiring minimal vetting and offering compatibility across various platforms. Coupled with a 25-day money-back guarantee, it brings confidence and flexibility.

Overall, the DigiCert Code Signing certificate, priced at $366.66 per year, is a reliable solution for software security, fostering trust and credibility among users.

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

Gain maximum trust with the DigiCert EV Code Signing certificate and provide software authenticity and integrity. This premium certificate offers advanced protection against cyber threats, with features like digital signatures to prevent flagging by operating systems and instant notifications in case of tampering attempts. Plus, with Extended Validation, users can confidently use your products, knowing they come from a genuine and verified source.

Protect your code with exclusive private key security, storing it on an external USB device for ultimate safety. Enjoy compatibility with various platforms and unbreakable encryption standards, assuring users across desktop and mobile systems.

This high-end code signing certificate costs $623.33 per year on a multi-year subscription.


GoGetSSL is a trusted provider of digital certificates, and its code signing certificates are no exception. Focusing on affordability and reliability, GoGetSSL offers solutions tailored to the needs of developers and businesses alike.

GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate

Enhance your software security with the affordable GoGetSSL Code Signing SSL certificate. Designed for individuals and companies, this certificate authenticates and protects your code from unauthorized alterations.

It’s compatible with most modern platforms and features unbeatable encryption standards, including a 2048-bit RSA signing key. Plus, with straightforward validation processes for individuals and businesses, you can obtain your certificate swiftly, typically within three working days.

Strengthen your software’s security and credibility for just $239 per year.

GoGetSSL EV Code Signing Certificate

Boost user confidence in your digital programs with the GoGetSSL EV Code Signing SSL certificate. Your software gains immediate credibility through extended validation and integrates smoothly with platforms like Microsoft, Apple, and Android. Protect your code from tampering with robust encryption and private key security.

You’ll gain access to immediate file reputation through Microsoft SmartScreen, the advanced Windows filter designed to combat phishing and malware threats. Verification can be completed within a few working days, assuming all documentation is current and accurate.

For just $303 per year on a multi-year subscription, you can get one of the cheapest EV code signing options on the market.

How to Buy a Code Signing Certificate?

Among many code signing certificate vendors, SSL Dragon stands out as one of the most affordable and reliable options. We offer a wide range of code signing certs for every need. Whether you’re developing software independently or as a legal business, we have code signing solutions for any budget.

Don’t know what certificate to choose? Use our SSL Wizard for a quick recommendation, and then enjoy a straightforward buying process. Let our intuitive website walk you through the enrollment, validation, and delivery steps.

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