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SSL Certificate Validity Period – Your Guide to SSL Lifespan and Renewal

You’ve probably noticed that SSL certificates don’t last forever, but do you know why their validity period is limited? Industry standards and security best practices dictate a specific timeframe to ensure regular updates and minimize risks. Understanding the factors influencing SSL certificate duration and recognizing the signs of upcoming expiration will help you maintain your […]

What is an SSL VPN and How Does it Work?

If you browse the web regularly, chances are you’ve seen VPN mentions in articles or ads. Maybe you’re even using one yourself, but are you familiar with SSL VPNs and how they work? For those new to the subject, a VPN is a service that encrypts and routes your internet connection through a secure server, […]

What Is an OV SSL Certificate and How Does It Work?

Running an online business starts with thorough web security practices. You may offer the best products or services, but if you fail to protect customers’ sensitive data, it may all be in vain. Here’s where an Organization Validation (OV) SSL cert comes in. But what is an OV SSL certificate, and why is it so […]

What is a DV SSL Certificate and How It Works?

You’ve likely heard about DV SSL certificates, but do you know how they work to protect your website? As the most basic form of SSL security, a Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate confirms that you own your domain through a simple verification process. Yet, the simplicity of DV SSL might leave you wondering: is it […]

What is an Extended Validation Certificate & How Does it Work?

SSL certificates secure communications between browsers and servers over a network. With so many different website types, there isn’t a universal certificate suitable for every niche, project, and configuration. For this reason, not all SSL certificates are created equal. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates represent the gold standard of sensitive data protection and authenticity verification. […]

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Website?

Are you wondering: “Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?“ The answer is a resounding yes. An SSL certificate secures connections between your web server and visitors’ browsers. It encrypts sensitive information, such as personal data and credit card numbers, keeping them safe from cyber threats. But the benefits don’t end there. SSL […]

Why Is SSL Important? 9 Reasons Why Every Website Needs It

You’ve likely seen the padlock symbol or the HTTPS acronym next to a website’s URL while browsing. These symbols indicate that the connection between the browser and the website server is secure. The underlying technology behind this is the SSL/TLS cryptographic protocol. Today, all websites must use it to comply with the security and SEO […]

How to Get an SSL Certificate for Free? – A Quick Guide

So, you’re interested in securing your website without breaking the bank. You’ve probably heard of SSL certificates, those small digital files that keep your site secure and your users’ data safe. But did you know you can get them for free? From providers like Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL to cloud services like Amazon, there are […]

What is HTTPS? – Exploring the Standard Web Communication Protocol

Securing your online presence is non-negotiable. You’ve probably noticed the ‘HTTPS‘ prefix on URLs and wondered what it’s all about. Well, it’s more than just a random assortment of letters — it’s a security protocol that safeguards your data from cyber thieves, especially when you’re sharing sensitive information. Want to know what is HTTPS? How […]