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Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Buy the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate at Cheap Prices

Ensuring the code is secure and trustworthy is the first thing every software developer or publisher must do. That's where the Cheap Sectigo Code Signing Certificate comes in. This affordable and easy-to-use certificate protects apps and scripts, assuring users they come from a trusted source.
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Individual / Business Validation

Issue time

1-7 business days or FASTER – Try LEI CODES


Code Signing Certificate

Supported Browsers



Individual / Company Documents Required

Secure Hash Algorithm


Key Encryption

2048 bit

Certificate Encryption

Up to 256-bit


25 days

What is Sectigo Code Signing Certificate?

SectigoSectigo Code Signing Certificate is one of the most trusted and affordable code signing certificates on the market. Used by both individuals and companies to digitally sign their software, this product asserts publisher identity and prevents hackers from tampering with the original code. All these assurances are fundamental to successful software building and distribution.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Benefits

Despite its low cost, Sectigo Code Signing Certificate brings must-have features to developers of any size and niche. Whether you’re a company or an individual, securing your app has never been more affordable. Here are the Sectigo Code Signing Certificate main benefits:

Authentication and Credibility

One of the surest ways to catch a computer virus is to download software from an unknown publisher. With users reluctant to install suspicious apps and programs on their devices, you have no choice but to show them your real identity. A code signing certificate does precisely that. It digitally signs your software with a unique signature and asserts enough identity to satisfy most browsers and platforms.

Software Integrity

Sectigo Code Signing SSL safeguards your code from being tampered with and compromised. If a hacker tries to alter it in any way, your customers will receive an instant notification.

Individual and Business Validation

Sectigo is one of the last Certificate Authorities to offer code signing certs for individual developers. Whether you’re a company or a sole proprietor, Sectigo will protect your digital creations.

Compatible with almost any platform

This Sectigo Code Signing certificate will work on various desktop platforms and major mobile operating systems. With 99.3% browser compatibility, all your users will avoid suspicious browser and antivirus warnings.

Unbreakable Encryption

All Sectigo certificates meet the rigorous NIST and CA/B Forum security standards. Your signatures will be made with a 2048-bit RSA signing key. Elliptic Curve Diffie-Helman is also available.

Platform Compatibility:

  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Sun Java
  • Adobe AIR
  • Mac
  • Microsoft Office and VBA
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Qualcomm BREW
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1 year $319
2 years $542
3 years $657

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