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Individual / Business Validation

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Code Signing Certificate

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Key Encryption

2048 bit

Certificate Encryption

Up to 256-bit


25 days

Sectigo Code Signing SSL is one of the most trusted and affordable code signing certificates on the market. Used by both individuals and companies to digitally sign their software, this product asserts publisher identity and prevents hackers from tampering with the original code. All these assurances are fundamental to successful software building and distribution. Here’s what you get with this code signing SSL certificate:

Authentication and Credibility

One of the surest ways to catch a computer virus is to download software from an unknown publisher. With users reluctant to install suspicious apps and programs on their devices, you have no choice but to show them your real identity. A code signing certificate does precisely that. It digitally signs your software with a unique signature and asserts enough identity to satisfy most browsers and platforms.

Software Integrity

Sectigo Code Signing SSL safeguards your code from being tampered with and compromised. If a hacker tries to alter it in any way, your customers will receive an instant notification. 

Individual and Business Validation

Sectigo is one of the last Certificate Authorities to offer code signing certs for individual developers. Whether you’re a company or a sole proprietor, Sectigo will protect your digital creations.

Compatible with almost any platform

This Code Signing certificate will work on various desktop platforms and major mobile operating systems. With 99.3% browser compatibility, all your users will avoid suspicious browser and antivirus warnings.

Unbreakable Encryption

All Sectigo certificates meet the rigorous NIST and CA/B Forum security standards. Your signatures will be made with a 2048-bit RSA signing key. Elliptic Curve Diffie-Helman is also available.

19 reviews for Sectigo Code Signing SSL

  1. Joeline

    Always bought it for one year, but now couldn’t refuse the large discount on the three-year deal. In terms of security, didn’t register any complaints from my clients so far.

  2. Ramani

    Had a few issues with passing business validation until the SSL Dragon’s support stepped in and worked them out. Appreciate the prompt response.

  3. Khalid

    As an independent developer, I rely on this certificate to digitally secure my creations. So far, it’s served me well.

  4. Levi

    One of the most affordable Code Signing certs. A life-saver for individual developers with a modest budget.

  5. Magnus

    Reliable Code Signing certificate compatible with many platforms.

  6. Next

    Works great on Adobe Air!

  7. Lisette

    Not the easiest validation, but the affordable price makes up for it.

  8. Cathryn

    Price was the main reason I chose this product over other brands

  9. Dexter

    The best option on the market for individual developers.

  10. Sunil

    If you’re like me on a tight budget, this Code Signing cert is a real gem. The only trick part is the validation. Just make sure you follow carefully the guidelines.

  11. Darren

    This is the cheapest Code Signing certificate on the market. But don’t let the low price confuse you. This high-end product features the latest encryption standards and is on par with other, more expensive certificates. I highly recommend Comodo Code Signing to all the code publishers.

  12. Lucie

    I’ve lost count how many programs I’ve secured with this particular certificate. It’s very reliable and affordable.

  13. Igor

    The only Code Signing certificate I’ve ever used, and it hasn’t given me any reason to try something else.

  14. Steve

    • Nice price for a two-year deal
    • Large scale compatibility across different mobile and server platforms
    • Excellent customer support from SSL Dragon reps

    The only negative:
    • Validation for individuals is tricky and takes a while.

    Conclusion: This is still a great product and inexpensive solution to secure your software.

  15. Jörg

    perfect to secure a windows, mac or linux software. have been getting this certificate for a few years now. works great all the time. highly recommended!!

  16. Arina

    Whenever I need to secure a new software, I use this product and highly recommend it to other developers.

  17. Adi

    Couldn’t find the private key when I first configured it, but it was due to the browser (Chrome). Reissued it and got it validated in a week.

  18. Paul

    Best deal for a 2-year Comodo Code Signing

  19. Alpesh

    Got it issued within a few days. Great price!

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Here is a list with the most common questions our customers have when buying a Sectigo Code Signing SSL Certificate:

What are Multi-Year SSL Subscription Plans?

Starting with August 19th, 2020, the maximum duration of publicly-trusted SSL/TLS certificates issued by all Certificate Authorities (CAs) has been set to a maximum of 13 months.

However, in order to make your SSL Management process time-saving and cost-effective, the CAs and SSL Dragon are offering you the 2 Year and 3 Year SSL Subscription Plans.

This means that you can still buy a 2 or 3 year SSL Certificate and continue to benefit from multi-year discounting, while still remaining compliant with the CAB Forum SSL requirements.

How the Multi-Year SSL works?

Due to security reasons, your SSL certificate is initially issued with a maximum 1-year validity.

30 days before the expiration of your certificate, SSL Dragon, on behalf of the CA, will notify you and ask you to reissue your SSL, in order to get the additional (replacement) 1-year certificate, according to your Subscription Plan.

This FAQ explains to you how to reissue your SSL Certificate, step by step.

You will need to validate & install the replacement SSL:

a. If you have a Domain Validation SSL Certificate, a short verification of your domain name will be required via Email, HTTP, or DNS in order to issue the 1-yr replacement SSL.

b. If you have a Business or Extended SSL Certificate – an additional Business Validation/Extended Validation recheck and callback process will also be required.

You can still reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like during your Multi-Year SSL Subscription Plan.

On your SSL Certificate’s page within the SSL Dragon account, you will find all the details regarding your Subscription Plan:

  • Valid From – Shows the date when your SSL was issued and became active
  • Expires – Shows the date when your SSL expires and needs to be reissued (not Renewed).
  • Subscription Starts – The date when the first SSL was issued and the subscription period activated
  • Subscription Ends – The date when the subscription ends and SSL needs to be Renewed (not Reissued)
  • Next Reissue – shows the number of days left of your SSL. The Certificate should be reissued 30-days prior to this date.

The CodeSigning certificate was specifically developed for increasing the trustworthiness of your software products. This type of certificate protects your digital downloadable goods, like scripts or codes, by signing them and guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity. This certification brings a greater level of your customers’ trust, by ensuring them that your content is safe and it belongs to your company. Moreover, the Authenticode Technology guarantees that if the code will be damaged after being signed, the digital signature will break and alert the client that the software is no longer credible.

CodeSigning certificates are Business Validation (BV) and Personal Validation SSL certificates. The Business Validation SSLs require Certificate Authority’s (CA’s) authentication through providing your company’s documents, along with performing domain validation by email. The Personal Validation requires personal identification verification of the owner. The entire validation process may take up to 2 or 3 business days to issue your CodeSigning certificate that will serve as a third party guarantee for the authenticity of your digital goods.

You can find our full list of CodeSigning certificates at this link.

When you configure your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing SSL Certificate, it is best to use some specific browsers for that. Here is an article that describes which browsers are best to use for configuring a Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate.

code-signing2When you configure your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate, make sure that “Advanced Private Key Options” is visible to you in the same way it is shown in the screenshot from the right. Internet Explorer is always a good option to configure your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate.

For Mac Users, please see the following 2 resources:

Attention: The export instructions for Mac may produce a certificate that does not include the Root/Intermediate crt files. Please download the Root/Intermediate crt files and include them in the command for the Code Signing SSL.

code-signingWhen you configure your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate as an individual, you need to enter your first and last name in the “Company Name” field. This will tell Sectigo/GoGetSSL that you are requesting a Code Signing Certificate for an individual instead of a company.

Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificates can be configured for a Business or for an Individual. If you configured your certificate as an individual, then you can go directly to the middle of this article, to the section called “Validation for Individuals”, where you will find detailed information about how to pass the validation as an individual. If you configured your certificate as company, then please continue reading.

Business Validation

Please send the necessary forms described below to Sectigo/GoGetSSL by opening a ticket with Sectigo/GoGetSSL Validation Center at Click on “Submit a ticket”, select Validation Department and submit your request. Please mention your “Partner Order ID” in your message.

partner-order-idYou can find your “Partner Order ID” on the details page of your SSL Certificate inside your SSL Dragon account. See screenshot on the right.

I. New Orders

STEP 1: Business Validation
To pass Business validation, you may have to provide an official registration document, such as Business License, Article of Incorporation, and or Registration application.
Here are the BV options:

A. No paperwork. Your company’s legal existence will be checked via public government database using your company name and your unique Registration/Identification number OR via verified public 3rd party databases, such as GLEIF, Duns & Bradstreet, Hoovers, Companies House GOV.UK.

B. Paperwork. Your company will be verified using:

  • an official registration document, such as Articles of Incorporation, Government Issued Business License, or
  • a copy of a recent: company bank statement, company phone bill, or major company utility bill  (i.e. power bill, water bill, etc.).

STEP 2: Callback process
The last step is a callback process called Phone Validation. Sectigo/GoGetSSL will call you and asks to confirm your name and order to validate the official company phone number.
Below are the 4 callback options. You don’t have to do all four things from below. Doing just one of them will be enough.

A. Yellow Pages Databases. Sectigo verifies your phone number via public Yellow pages Databases.

B. DUNS. The second way is to provide your DUNS number to Sectigo/GoGetSSL. You can get your company’s DUNS number from this website: If Sectigo/GoGetSSL gets back to you and says that your DUNS listing does not contain a phone number, then you need to contact Dun & Bradstreet (at and ask them to “add your company’s phone number to their business directory and on the report”.

C. Local phone database. If you don’t have a DUNS number, then the other thing you can do is to provide your company’s registration number for Sectigo/GoGetSSL to check your company with your country’s governmental directories (e.g.: Corporation Division, Companies House, Department of State, etc). Please note that Sectigo/GoGetSSL will be looking to see your company’s phone number listed there as well. Not all governmental directories have the companies’ phone numbers. If the governmental directory allows you to call them, email them, or use their website to add your phone number, then please go ahead and do that.

D. Legal OpinionIf the above two options (2.1 and 2.2) don’t work for you, then the third and last option to validate your phone number is to ask a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), or a Latin Notary, or an Attorney (Lawyer) to write, sign and send a letter to Sectigo/GoGetSSL where they confirm your company name, address and phone number. You can find the sample letters below:

– Sample Accountant Letter
– Sample Legal Opinion Letter

II. Renewal/Reissue Orders

For reissues and renewal order, instead of Step 1 and 2, you must contact Sectigo/GoGetSSL Validation Center at Click on “Submit a ticket”, or choose Live Chat, select Validation Department and submit the following request (please replace [] fields with the corresponding info):

Reason for the ticket: Validation
Order number: [Your Partner Order ID]
Subject: Business Validation 

Dear Sectigo!
Please validate order [Partner Order ID] using the company name [Your Company Name], with [Registration/ID number] and [DUNS number].

Sectigo will then contact you for Step 2 or any necessary updates to the Step 1.

Validation for Individuals

There are a few things that you need to do to pass the Individual Validation for your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate.

STEP 1: (Optional) The first thing that you need to do is to provide your individual DUNS number to Sectigo/GoGetSSL. You can get your individual DUNS number from this website: Make sure that your DUNS listing contains your full name, address and phone number. If it doesn’t, then you need to contact Dun & Bradstreet (at and ask them to “add your full name, address and mobile phone number to their business directory and on the report”.

Duns and Bradstreet is an international company and they have a database with individuals and companies from all countries (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Israel, etc). So, they work with international customers, too.

STEP 2: You need to provide the following documents to Sectigo/GoGetSSL:

a) Government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport);
b) One financial institution document (a bank statement or credit card statement less than six months old);
c) One non-financial document (gas bill, water bill, power bill).

STEP 3: You need to get attested by a legal authority by filling out the face-to-face verification form. You can download the form at this link. The face-to-face verification letter should be signed by a Notary, Latin Notary, registered Attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or a Justice Of The Peace. The legal authority should have accreditation and a license number that is available online.

If you decide to go with a Legal Attorney, he or she must be registered with the BAR, and the BAR should have the Attorney’s full name and license number. You can find an attorney in your country by looking into these worldwide legal directories:

partner-order-idSTEP 4: You need to provide all this information to Sectigo/GoGetSSL Validation Department by contacting Sectigo/GoGetSSL at Click on “Submit a ticket”, select Validation Department and submit your request. Please include your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Order ID in the subject and in the body of the message that you send to Sectigo/GoGetSSL so that they know which order you are writing them about. You can find your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Order ID on your SSL Certificate’s details page inside your SSL Dragon account. See the screenshot on the right.

If you don’t see your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Order ID, then please open a ticket with us, or email us and let us know the name of the company or the name of the individual that you included in the SSL configuration form, so that we could provide you your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Order ID.


Here are the steps that you need to do in order to reissue your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate:

1) Login at using the username and password that you used when you configured your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate initially;
2) Once you are logged in, find the “Replace” button and click on it;
3) You will start the reissue process for your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing SSL.
4) Follow the steps and instructions that come next, until you complete the Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate reissue.

code-signing3The Private Key was generated on your machine when you configured your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate initially. The screenshot from the right shows the page where you configured your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate initially. As you can see in the screenshot, you were given instructions on how to check and backup your Private Key.

If you lost your Private Key, then you have to reissue your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate. You can do that by following the next steps:

1) Login at using the username and password that you used when you configured your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate initially;
2) Once you are logged in, find the “Replace” button and click on it;
3) You will start the reissue process for your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing SSL.
4) Follow the steps and instructions that come next, until you complete the Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate reissue.

When you configure or re-configure your Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing SSL Certificate, it is best to use some specific browsers for that. Here is an article that describes which browsers are best to use for configuring a Sectigo/GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate.

Here are several links with instructions on how to install a Sectigo or a GoGetSSL Code Signing Certificate:

To add your Company Name and TAX/VAT number, you have to login into your SSL Dragon Account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Hello, *Your Name*” button on the right top side of your account dashboard and select “Edit Account Settings”;
  2. On the ‘My Details’ page, you will find the ‘Company Name’ and ‘Company TAX/VAT ID’ field;
  3. Fill in these fields with the necessary information then click on ’Save Changes’. 

After you perform the above steps, your SSL Dragon account and all your invoices will be automatically updated with this information.


Platform Compatibility:

  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Sun Java
  • Adobe AIR
  • Mac
  • Microsoft Office and VBA
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Qualcomm BREW

Need help securing your website? Have questions, or unsure which SSL to choose? Let our fearless dragons help you! Follow the following steps towards getting the type of help that you need.

1. Use our Wizard and find the SSL Certificate that suits you best;

2. Find your answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page;

3. Open a Ticket with our Sales, Billing and Technical Support dragons. We will answer your ticket as soon as possible. We work Monday through Saturday, from 9 AM to 11:00 PM Pacific Time;

4. Email us using our Contact Form.

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