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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Buy the Comodo Code Signing Certificate at Cheap Prices

As a software developer or publisher, the first step is to secure your code. The cheap Comodo Code Signing Certificate can help with that. This budget-friendly and user-friendly certificate provides protection for apps and scripts, giving users peace of mind that they can trust the source.
Ideally for





Individual / Business Validation

Issue time

1-7 business days or FASTER – Try LEI CODES


Code Signing Certificate

Supported Browsers



Individual / Company Documents Required

Secure Hash Algorithm


Key Encryption

2048 bit

Certificate Encryption

Up to 256-bit


25 days

What is Comodo Code Signing Certificate?

ComodoWith its affordability and reliability, the Comodo Code Signing Certificate is a top choice for individuals and companies looking to sign their software. By verifying the publisher’s identity and preventing unauthorized code changes, this product provides essential security for software building and distribution.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate Benefits

The Comodo Code Signing Certificate delivers essential features for developers, regardless of their size or specialization, at an affordable price. This product offers several benefits, including:

  • Authentication and Credibility: Prove your identity to users and platforms by digitally signing your software with a unique signature.
  • Software Integrity: Protect your code from unauthorized tampering and receive instant notifications if a breach occurs.
  • Individual and Organization Validation: Comodo offers code signing certificates for both companies and individual developers.
  • Platform Compatibility: The Comodo Code Signing certificate is compatible with various desktop and mobile operating systems and has high browser compatibility.
  • Unbreakable Encryption: The Comodo Code Signing Certificate meets rigorous security standards, using 2048-bit RSA signing keys and optionally Elliptic Curve Diffie-Helman.

Platform Compatibility:

  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Sun Java
  • Adobe AIR
  • Mac
  • Microsoft Office and VBA
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Qualcomm BREW
clockDuration pricePrice saveYou Save
1 year $319
2 years $542
3 years $657

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