Top 5 SSL Certificate Providers to Secure Your Website

Best SSL Certificate Providers

SSL Certificates are a hot topic right now. With more people than ever choosing to secure their websites, you don’t want to be left behind. Today, getting an SSL Certificate is easy, but finding the best SSL Certificate providers may be trickier than expected.

With so many Certificate Authorities on the market offering different types of certificates, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge choice. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top SSL certificate providers you can fully trust when it comes to data encryption.

Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2024

Top certificate authorities offer advanced encryption algorithms, reliable certificate issuance processes, and robust technical support. Additionally, they have a trusted reputation and provide competitive pricing options. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular SSL certificate providers:

1. Sectigo

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) tops our list of SSL certification companies, but also the market share of commercial certificate authorities. The reason why so many users consider Sectigo the best SSL provider is their unbeatable prices and wide range of products.

Most web owners search for affordable SSL bargains or specific certificates to satisfy a more complex need. The latter usually don’t fall into the cheap category, but with Sectigo, price is never an issue. Their exclusive Positive SSL line of certs caters to the tightest budgets while offering premium and top-of-the-line solutions like Extended Validation and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates. 

For over 15 years, Sectigo has been actively issuing SSL certificates to companies and individuals, making the web safer. The company boasts an excellent brand reputation reflected in its highly recognizable site seal and multi-million dollar SSL warranties against potential breaches.

Sectigo serves over 3 million happy customers worldwide and is always at the forefront of new SSL trends. No matter what type of SSL certificate you need, Sectigo has one in store for you. Sectigo’s product versatility and price flexibility are the reasons it leads our certificate providers’ rankings.

2.  DigiCert

DigiCert is synonymous with high-assurance certificates, reliability, scalability, and streamlined SSL management. Specializing in securing top-level websites, DigiCert provides full-fledged encryption and malware prevention solutions to businesses and enterprises.

All their certificates include multi-million dollar warranties, a dynamic site seal, and fast Business or Extended Validation. Most Fortune 100 companies and the banking sector use DigiCert certificates to secure high volumes of sensitive data.

Even the cheapest DigiCert certificate costs several hundred dollars per year. But the price fully justifies the value it brings. Besides securing your website, DigiCert certificates come with daily vulnerability and malware scanning, further protecting users’ data and critical website infrastructure.

Brand-wise, DigiCert is a premium CA and one of the best, if not the best, SSL providers. It comes second behind Sectigo in the commercial CA market share rankings but is the leader in the OV and EV segments. The most-trusted global provider of high-assurance TLS/SSL, PKI, IoT, and signing solutions is also the successor of legacy VeriSign and Symantec certificates after Symantec’s PKI business acquisition in 2017.

If you’re a large enterprise dealing in finance, e-commerce, healthcare, or any other critical industry sector, DigiCert will take care of all your encryption and data protection needs.

3. Thawte

Coming third in our rankings is Thawte, an international SSL provider and the first Certificate Authority to issue SSL certificates to companies with domain names registered outside the United States. Thawte is now part of DigiCert Group but has its own history and impeccable track record. 

Thawte certificates come with a highly recognizable multilingual site seal, making the CA the preferred choice of global websites and companies. Whether you need a simple Domain Validation SSL certificate or a Business Validation Wildcard SSL, Thawte is an excellent choice. Thawte also issues EV SSL for websites seeking the highest customer trust and identity validation.

For businesses that can’t afford the more expensive DigiCert certificates, Thawte is the perfect alternative, as all its certificates feature premium-class security and warranties. Thawte is a brand everyone respects, and the multi-million SSL warranties in case of a data breach or fraudulent issuance are a testament to the CAs’ reliable and trustworthy operations. 

4. GeoTrust

With more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries, GeoTrust is living up to its name. This Certificate Authority covers the entire range of SSL certificates, from Domain Validation to Extended Validation products.

Just like Thawte, GeoTrust is owned by the internet security giant DigiCert and, as such, has inherited DigiCert’s highest standards and best practices in issuing and managing SSL Certificates. A GeoTrust SSL Certificate is a powerful indicator that your website means business regarding sensitive data protection.

GeoTrust is a highly reliable SSL certificate provider trusted by major browsers and server platforms, and they offer a range of options suitable for different online projects, including Wildcard SSL and multi-domain encryption. With affordable pricing, impressive warranties, and additional features like a “Secured by GeoTrust” seal, GeoTrust is a top choice for securing websites and applications.

5. GoGetSSL

Concluding our list of top SSL certificate providers is GoGetSSL, a relatively new name in the industry that offers similar solutions and prices to Sectigo. 

With a diverse range of certificates for different security requirements and budgets, GoGetSSL offers options for Domain Validation, Business Validation, and Extended validation, as well as affordable Wildcard and Multi-domain certificates to secure subdomains and multiple websites under a single installation.

Enhancing user trust, GoGetSSL provides static and dynamic site seals that you can display anywhere on your website. Additionally, their certificates include generous SSL warranties, offering peace of mind against potential data breaches. 

GoGetSSL boasts extensive server and email client support, allowing you to install their certificates on different systems.GoGetSSL is the only brand to offer a unique Multi-Domain SSL for securing public IP addresses. One of its standout features is Domain Validation, which allows you to install it within minutes after the purchase. GoGetSSL Public IP SAN includes 2 IP SANs by default, but you can add more at the checkout.

Where to Buy an SSL Certificate?

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best SSL Provider

Choosing the best SSL certificate provider is crucial for ensuring the security and trustworthiness of your online presence. With numerous options available, it’s essential to consider several key factors before making your decision. Below, we outline ten critical elements to help you choose the best SSL provider that aligns with your specific requirements.

  1. Encryption Strength: Novice users wonder which SSL provider offers robust encryption algorithms such as 256-bit key encryption and 2048-bit certificate encryption. Strong encryption protects sensitive data transmitted between your website and users. But, since all commercial CAs follow the same cryptographic algorithms, the encryption strength should be the least of your concerns.
  2. Certificate Validation Types: Consider the validation types offered by the SSL provider. Domain Validation (DV) certificates are ideal for basic websites, while Business (BV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates verify legal identity and offer higher customer trust, making them the perfect option for e-commerce, nonprofits, and larger enterprises.
  3. Certificate Types: Evaluate the range of SSL certificate types provided. Ensure the SSL provider offers options like Wildcard SSL for securing multiple subdomains, Multi-Domain SSL for protecting several domains under one certificate, and Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) for securing Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers.
  4. Browser and Device Compatibility: Verify that the SSL provider’s certificates are compatible with most web browsers and devices. It is crucial to ensure seamless functionality across major browsers, including both desktop and mobile platforms, to provide a consistent and secure user experience.
  5. Warranty and Insurance: Consider the SSL provider’s warranty and insurance offerings. A reliable CA will include warranties that protect you and your customers against potential financial losses resulting from a certificate breach or security failure.
  6. Customer Support: Consider the level of customer support. Look for providers that offer responsive and knowledgeable support channels, including live chat, email, or phone support, to assist you promptly in case of any issues or queries.
  7. Validation Speed: Consider the SSL provider’s validation policies. A streamlined and efficient validation process ensures the quick issuance of certificates, allowing you to secure your website promptly. Look for providers that offer automated validation procedures to expedite the process.
  8. Reputation and Trustworthiness: Research the SSL provider’s reputation and trustworthiness in the industry. Read customer reviews, check their track record, and consider their partnerships or accreditations. A reputable SSL provider with a strong industry presence adds credibility to your website.
  9. Pricing and Value: Compare the pricing structures of different SSL brands and evaluate the value they offer. Look for providers that offer competitive pricing while ensuring reliable security features and additional perks like site seals or vulnerability assessments.
  10. Renewal and Certificate Management: Research the SSL provider’s renewal and certificate management processes. Simplified SSL renewal procedures and user-friendly certificate management tools will save you time and effort, allowing for smooth and hassle-free management of your SSL certificates.


Now that you know the Top 5 Certificate Authorities, picking the best SSL certificate for your website should be straightforward. Remember, your website and niche determine the SSL type you need. Add to this your budget, and you can easily choose a suitable cert from our list of top SSL certificate providers. To recap:

Sectigo stands out for its unbeatable prices and wide range of products, catering to various budgets and needs. 

DigiCert, a leader in high-assurance certificates, provides robust encryption, malware prevention, and daily vulnerability scanning, making it ideal for large enterprises.

Thawte, part of the DigiCert Group, offers premium security at a more affordable price – a cost-efficient alternative for businesses that can’t afford the higher-priced certificates.

GeoTrust, also owned by DigiCert, covers the entire range of SSL certificates and is trusted by major browsers and server platforms.

GoGetSSL, a relatively new player, offers affordable options with diverse security requirements and excellent SSL warranties.

Regardless of what provider you choose, the best Certificate Authority is, first and foremost, the brand that suits your website specifications and budget. You can’t go wrong with any of the names on our list, as all are trustworthy companies with global acclaim.

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