Sectigo SSL Certificates

Buy a Sectigo Certificate at a Great Price

Sectigo is a leading brand in the digital security industry, known for providing top-level SSL certificates to businesses of all sizes. We offer a variety of cheap Sectigo SSL Certificates, so you can secure your website and increase customer trust at an affordable price. And with our 25-day money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re making a risk-free investment in your online security.

The Best Sectigo SSL Certificates

Sectigo Positive SSL

Positive SSL powered by Sectigo

Sectigo PositiveSSL is a one-of-a-kind line of SSL products designed for individuals and companies with a tight budget. Positive SSL is easily the most affordable SSL solution for them all. It includes:

Just because PositiveSSL is low-priced, doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality. On the contrary, Sectigo PositiveSSL products come with unlimited server licensing, industry-standard encryption levels, site seals, and warranties.

Sectigo Essential SSL

Essential SSL powered by Sectigo

The Essential SSL line delivers instant SSL security to your website. It features:

Both Domain Validation products, these certs offer rock-solid protection against cyber thieves. You can get them in just five minutes without the hassle of paperwork. Sectigo Essential SSL certificates are the best value for money to protect one domain or multiple subdomains.

Sectigo Instant SSL

Instant SSL powered by Sectigo

Sectigo Instant SSL takes care of your company’s SSL needs. The Instant SSL line provides affordable Business Validation certificates to small, medium, and large enterprises. The validation process takes up to two days – the time required to verify your business information. Once installed, Sectigo Instant SSL certificates will display verified, up to date details about your organization inside the padlock menu.

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard is one of the most powerful, and economical solutions in the SSL industry. With a single SSL installation, you can secure unlimited subdomains under multiple domains. Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard saves both your precious time and money by removing the need for multiple installations and renewals. Even better, Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard is also available in the Positive SSL line. Sectigo Multi-Domain PositiveSSL Wildcard will keep your costs at the minimum.

Sectigo Code Signing

Sectigo Code Signing

Sectigo Code Signing certificates protect your software products from malicious attackers. Today, the average amateur hacker can easily alter your code, inject malware and, ultimately, destroy your reputation. Here’s where a Sectigo Code Signing Certificate comes to the rescue. It verifies and sings your digital downloadable goods so that your customers can use them with confidence. Any changes to your original code remove the digital signature and warn the client to not trust the software.

Sectigo CPAC

Sectigo CPAC

Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificates, or simply CPAC, are your one-stop solution to bulletproof email and document encryption. Besides securing email correspondence, CPAC SSL certificates digitally sign Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice company documents. Moreover, they provide two-factor authentication to safeguard your personal or corporate email accounts. The CPAC range includes Sectigo CPAC Basic for personal use and small businesses; Sectigo CPAC Pro for medium-sized companies, and Sectigo CPAC Enterprise for large organizations.

Sectigo Trial SSL

Sectigo Trial SSL

Get your hands on a perfectly functional Sectigo free SSL cert! Sectigo Trial SSL is a free 90-day trial version of the highly popular Sectigo Essential SSL certificate, as well as Sectigo Positive SSL and Sectigo SSL Certificate. It offers the same features as the regular certificate. No limitations and restrictions at all. The standard issuing time is only 5 minutes. Once the trial expires, you can seamlessly issue and install the Essential SSL or buy a different Sectigo product. The Sectigo Trial SSL is available for free during checkout when purchasing the Sectigo Essential SSL, Sectigo Positive SSL, or Sectigo SSL Certificate.

What is Sectigo SSL?

Sectigo is a global provider of online security solutions and the largest Certificate Authority in the world. To emphasize its expansion beyond SSL products, Comodo has rebranded into Sectigo in 2018. The new name limits market confusion and marks the company’s transition to an innovative, all-around provider of web security solutions.

Sectigo serves more than 3 million customers worldwide and comfortably tops the SSL market share charts. The company has built its success on two key elements: a flexible range of SSL products, and affordable prices. A real trailblazer in the SSL industry, Sectigo was the first SSL provider to release Sectigo EV SSL, the game-changing Extended Validation (EV) certificate. Sectigo employs high-end SSL technologies to ensure bulletproof data encryption.

Besides issuing SSL Certificates, Sectigo provides security enhancement for small, medium, and enterprise businesses, as well as individual websites and PCs.

Sectigo SSL Benefits

Sectigo’s excellent products and jaw-dropping prices always wow the upcoming customers. No other SSL provider can boast such a large range of SSL certificates. Here are the main reasons to choose Sectigo:

SSL Certificates for every need

Whether you need an SSL certificate for a blog or a multi-million dollar company, Sectigo has got you covered. There isn’t a website or a platform Sectigo cannot secure.

Get a Sectigo SSL certificate today for:

  • Personal websites;
  • E-commerce websites;
  • Large, medium and small businesses;
  • Banks and financial institutions;
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office Communication Servers
  • Mail and intranet servers
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Multiple-Domains
  • Digital downloadable goods

SSL Certificates for any budget

Sectigo is by far the most budget-friendly Certificate Authority on the market. It is the only SSL provider to create specific product lines such as PositiveSSL, InstantSSL, and Essential SSL to cater to various budget needs. The cheapest Sectigo SSL certificate per year costs less than a premium coffee drink, while the premium products are way more affordable than other brands.

State of the Art Encryption

As the founding member of the CA/Browser forum, Sectigo has always been on the front line of innovation. All Sectigo certificates follow the latest encryption levels and web security standards such as 2048-bit key encryption, up to 256-bit certificate encryption, and SHA-2 secure hash algorithm.

99.3% Browser Compatibility

The majority of web browsers trust Sectigo. Whether it’s Chrome, Safari, or the less popular Konqueror, sensitive data exchange between visitors’ browsers and websites’ servers is always secure. On top of that, Sectigo SSL certificates integrate perfectly with numerous server platforms and email clients.


All Sectigo certificates include a warranty in the unlikely event of a data breach. Sectigo warranties range between $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the SSL certificate. Although cracking the SSL encryption is beyond human capabilities, the SSL warranty offers an extra assurance from a possible erroneous issuance of a certificate to a fake entity.

Greater Customer Trust

Since Chrome started flagging the HTTP sites as not secure, SSL Certificates have become a must-have security element of any serious website. The rules of the game are simple: switch to HTTPS or lose everything.  In Sectigo, you have a reliable web security partner by your side. Your visitors and customers can browse and share personal information with peace of mind.

Why is Sectigo so cheap?

So, what’s the catch? How can Sectigo sustain such a low pricing structure and provide exquisite SSL services worldwide? It’s all about smart marketing and distribution. Sectigo is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to SSL innovation and diversification. But more importantly, the key to Sectigo’s success is the large network of affiliates.

A striking example is SSL Dragon. As trusted partners of Sectigo CA, we buy their SSL certificates in bulk, and thus are able to provide incredibly low prices for our customers. Browse the full range of Sectigo certificates and see for yourself the amazing value for money they offer.