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Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL certificates (formerly Comodo Multi-Domain SSL), also referred to as Sectigo UCC SSL or Sectigo SAN SSL, are the most efficient option for securing multiple websites. Sectigo multi-domain certificates work just like regular certificates but with the added comfort of encrypting multiple sites under a single installation.

Whether you need to secure a couple of blogs or a complex network of affiliate websites, Sectigo multi-domain certificates will make certificate management a breeze. Available in all validation types, and even as a wildcard option, all multi-domain certificates come with Sectigo’s flagship features and legendary pricing.

What is Multi-Domain SSL?

Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also called UCC SSL Certificates or SAN SSL Certificates are a flexible SSL solution for simplifying SSL management. UCC stands for Unified Communication Certificate, while SAN is an acronym of Subject Alternative Name. But don’t let the terminology scare you off. Multi-Domain certificates are easy to configure and manage. They save you time and money. With just one Multi-Domain installation you can secure up to 250 different domains. All you have to do is list each additional domain in the SAN field during the CSR code generation. But the best thing about it is that you can add new SANs anytime during your certificate duration and then simply reissue your cert. No pain, no hassle, just pure convenience.

Why Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL?

A brand that needs no introduction, Sectigo has the best Multi-Domain SSL products on the market. With a multi-domain certificate available for any need and budget, you have the luxury of choice and diversity.

One SSL installation for all your websites

A single Multi-Domain Sectigo certificate can instantly secure up to 250 domains. One payment, one installation and one renewal for all your domains. Why spend a fortune on an SSL certificate for each site, and then hours on configuration, when you can get one multi-domain product to do the same job at a fraction of a cost.

The widest range of leading Multi-Domain certificates

No matter what type of websites you’re running, Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL certificates will fit like a glove. Designed with all the validation types in mind, you’re spoiled with choice. Browse through DV, BV, and EV Multi-Domain certificates and pick the one that suits you most. To satisfy the most complex needs, Sectigo went the extra mile and created a two in one multi-domain wildcard certificate. It streamlines the SSL management even further by protecting multiple domains along with unlimited subdomains.

Unbeatable Prices

Multi-Domain certificates will naturally cost more than the regular ones, but at Sectigo, they are still priced way below the competition. Each multi-domain certificate is affordable within its segment. DV Multi-Domain certs are the cheapest ones, closely followed by BV multi-domain products, and finally, the premium EV multi-domain certificates. With Sectigo, you don’t have to worry about overspending ever again.

Encryption Impossible to Crack

Sectigo brings the latest available encryption technologies to keep hackers away from your websites. The powerful SHA-2 algorithm coupled with the 2048-bit key encryption and up to 256-bit certificate encryption, create the ultimate security shield. Unless someone builds a supercomputer to break your certificate encryption, your visitors’ data will always be safe.

An array of extra features

All Sectigo Multi-Domain Certificates come with additional enhancements that take your website to the next level. The static and dynamic site seals improve customers’ trust while the SSL warranty protects your clients from cyber thieves.

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificates

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificates are by far the cheapest multi-domain solution. Their benefits far outweigh the minimum price you have to pay. Suitable for any online projects, the PositiveSSL Multi-Domain line includes the following products:

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain – the entry-level Multi-Domain product, this certificate is perfect for individuals and companies on a tight budget. You won’t find a cheaper multi-domain cert anywhere. It includes three domains by default, and you can always add more at an extra cost. You can get it within minutes, no paperwork required.

Sectigo PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain – the most affordable EV multi-domain certificate, is perfect for startups, online shops, and emerging businesses.  

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard – a unique certificate that secures multiple domains along with unlimited subdomains. It solves the most complex SSL challenges, yet is available in the budget-friendly PositiveSSL line. This is another reminder of why users love Sectigo so much.

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL delivers the highest level of security and customer trust. The Extended Validation also protects your sites from cyber threats such as phishing attacks. Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL is an excellent choice for organizations that want to optimize the SSL management cost and time. It can secure up to 250 domain names in one installation, saving you tons of money in the process.

Sectigo PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain is the cheapest EV multi-domain certificate. It is ideal for startups, online shops, and emerging businesses. Your customers will use your online services with confidence and will keep coming back for more.

Sectigo BV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo BV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo BV Multi-Domain SSL will seamlessly secure all the websites your business manages. Whether your company has two, five, or two hundred domains, Sectigo BV Multi-Domain will provide unbreakable encryption across the entire network. It’s a great option if your business requires a verified identity and PCI compliance. The certificate includes a static seal to further improve your customer trust and a $50,000 warranty in case of a data leak. This cost-efficient product involves paperwork on your part. To pass the validation, you must submit up to date details about your company to Sectigo. The certificate should arrive in 1-2 business days.

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard secures and renews up to 250 domain names and unlimited subdomains under a single SSL installation. It includes 3 domains by default, but you can always add more domains at the checkout page. The Business Validation means you’ll have to provide up to date documentation to the CA to confirm your legal identity. Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard also features a dynamic site seal and a $250,000 warranty.

Sectigo SSL UCC BV is ideal for websites and webshops. It secures  3 domains by default, and up to 250 SANs on request. You can get it in 1-2 business days after the CA verifies your company’s legal status. Sectigo SSL UCC BV also includes a dynamic site seal to enhance customer trust and a $100,000 warranty against data breaches and fraudulent issue.

Sectigo DV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo DV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo DV Multi-Domain SSL certificates are ideal for small businesses, basic websites, and blogs. The Domain Validation makes the entire verification process a breeze. All you have to do is submit your domain details and a valid email address to the CA, and the cert is yours within 5 minutes.

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain is the budget-friendly solution for both individuals and small companies. The most affordable multi-domain cert on the market secures three domains by default, and you can always add more at an extra cost. It comes with a static site seal and a $10,000 warranty to further improve customer trust and peace of mind in case of data breaches.

Sectigo SSL UCC DV is an ideal multi-domain certificate for online entrepreneurs and creative artists who need to secure their blogs, personal websites or portfolios. It’s affordable, lightweight and easy to get. It comes with basic Domain Validation, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork. Your domain name and a valid email address will suffice. Sectigo SSL UCC DV protects three domains by default and up to 250 domains on request. It features a $50,000 warranty and a static site seal with the renowned Sectigo logo.

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Sectigo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard is a one-of-a-kind certificate that secures multiple domains along with unlimited subdomains. It’s the ultimate SSL answer to the most demanding online projects. As a part of the PositiveSSL line, this certificate is incredibly cheap. It comes with a static site, seal, a $10,000 warranty, and it’s perfect for personal websites and small businesses.

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard is the ultimate BV SSL certificate for sensitive data encryption across multiple websites. It secures and renews up to 250 domains names and unlimited subdomains, all at once. Companies all over the world use Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates to protect small and large networks of sites. Featuring a whopping $250,000 warranty and a dynamic site seal, this powerful cert quietly secures your domains, letting you focus on building your business.