Sectigo EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Sectigo (formerly Comodo)

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (formerly Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates) are the ultimate SSL solution for companies that value efficiency and customer trust. Equipped with the latest encryption technology, Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL products effortlessly prevent sensitive data breaches. You can fully focus on growing your business, while your Sectigo Multi-Domain EV cert performs in the background.

Sectigo has created two Multi-Domain EV SSL products that share many common features, but also include unique specifications. Sectigo PositiveSSL EV multi-domain is the most affordable multi-domain option on the market. But don’t let the price fool you, this certificate is so powerful, it can secure up to 250 domains at once, all with the famous EV enabled.

A slightly more expensive certificate is Sectigo Multi-Domain EV SSL. It features the same bulletproof encryption, but a higher warranty and level of trust. Even so, it is still way cheaper than other brands. You won’t find a better value for money anywhere.

What is Multi-Domain SSL?

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are the most versatile and cost-efficient SSL certificates. They can secure multiple domains under a single SSL installation saving you time and money in the process. A one-time installation also means a one-time renewal for all your websites. Smart SSL management is right here, and it has never been more accessible.

All multi-domain certs include two or three domains by default, and the option to add up to 250 domains. They are available as Domain Validation, Business Validation, and, of course, Extended Validation products. You can also get Wildcard Multi-Domain certificates to secure an unlimited number of subdomains along with your domains. As you can see, Multi-Domain SSL flexibility has no limits.

You may encounter Multi-Domain SSL certificates under different names. They are also called Subject Alternative Name Certificates (SAN SSL) or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC SSL). Leaving the semantics aside, what really matters is the performance. If you need to secure several domains, the multi-domain certificates are the only viable option.

What is Extended Validation?

Extended Validation SSL

The Extended Validation SSL Certificates, or simply EV SSL certificates are premium SSL products that offer the highest level of security and customer trust. The EV SSL displays your full company name and is the best credibility indicator to inspire trust and increase conversions.

Customers are the most valuable asset of your company. You definitely don’t want to let them down when it comes to data protection. That’s why Extended Validation certificates are so useful. Besides the utmost customer appreciation, EV certificates also discourage phishing attacks and protect your company’s reputation.

Getting an Extended Validation certificate requires a little more involvement on your part. You need to submit your company’s records to Sectigo for extensive verification. If your details are correct and up to date, expect to receive your cert in a few business days.

Why Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL?

There isn’t a more affordable and reliable Multi-Domain EV SSL solution than Sectigo certificates. Whether you’re a startup, or an e-commerce giant, adding a Multi-Domain EV certificate to your network of sites is one of the best security investments, and here’s why:

Flawless data protection

The encryption technology today is so advanced that attempting to crack it is pointless. With a proper SSL configuration, you won’t have to worry once about cyber thieves and data breaches. All Sectigo EV Multi-Domain certificates follow the latest security protocols and encryption standards. The ingredients that make Sectigo certificates unbreakable are the SHA-2 secure hash algorithm, 2048-bit key encryption, and up to 256-bit certificate encryption.

One certificate secures all your sites

Forget about spending hours on SSL configuration for each of your sites. Forget about going over the budget. With a single Multi-Domain EV certificate you can get the ultimate data protection for your customers on all your websites. How many websites do you need to secure? If less than 250, then one multi-domain cert is all that you need. You’ll install and renew it just once. That’s it.  Multi-Domain certificates are the most efficient way to streamline your SSL management.

The Extended Validation adds a touch of class to your websites

Let’s be honest, premium products will always have a greater appeal to customers. When you take the extra step and install an EV SSL certificate, your company means business. It confirms to customers, beyond any doubt that you’re a trustworthy company. By displaying your official name next to your domain, you also fend off harmful phishing attacks.

A price you can’t refuse

Why pay for the same features elsewhere, when you can get your hands on a cheap Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate? Sectigo has built its immaculate reputation of affordable pricing, and the Multi-Domain EV products aren’t an exception. Available in the budget-friendly PositiveSSL line, Sectigo PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain is by far the cheapest product in this segment.

An impressive warranty

Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL warranties start at $1,000,000. Such a big figure offers insurance against potential data leaks. While it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be activated, the SSL Warranty gives the final peace of mind to your business and customers.

Sectigo Positive EV Multi-Domain SSL

Sectigo Positive EV Multi-Domain SSL is packed with features, ready to protect your websites against cyber thieves. It’s laughably cheap when compared to similar products of other brands. It comes with 3 domains by default, but you can always add more domains, raising the number to a whopping 250 domains per installation. Additional specs contain a dynamic site seal and a one-million-dollar warranty. Overall, Sectigo Positive EV Multi-Domain SSL is an excellent all-in-one solution for securing multiple websites and obtain the highest SSL validation.