Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo LogoSSL certificates are now more accessible than ever. Every website needs one, and we’ve come a long way since the early days of SSL when prices were steep and choices limited. Not all certificate authorities have survived the test of time, but if there’s one name that remains in the collective memory even after rebranding – that’s Comodo. Comodo SSL Certificates (now Sectigo) dominate the market, and the reasons for this are plenty.

All websites require an SSL certificate, but is there a provider able to secure any configuration? Enter Comodo – the answer to encrypting simple and complex sites. With over 3 million users worldwide, Comodo SSL certificates need no introduction to the tech-savvy. The Comodo SSL price is the lowest on the market, while its unparalleled range of products satisfies even the most intricate systems.

Whether you need to secure a blog, an e-commerce store, or a high-end startup, Comodo has a fitting certificate for any project. Best of all, your budget will never be an issue because of the excellent pricing structure. But don’t trust our word! See for yourself as we present the different types of Comodo certificates.

Comodo Positive SSL

Comodo Positive SSL LogoWhen it comes down to price, Comodo Positive SSL certificates have no competition. Specifically intended for users with constricted budgets, the Positive SSL line makes premium certificates affordable to anyone. Boasting the same sophisticated features and bulletproof encryption as any other certificate, Positive SSL stands out on its own. If you’re looking for a cheap Comodo SSL certificate with a decent warranty, then the Positive SSL products are what you need. Second to none, the Positive SSL line includes the following certificates:

  • Comodo Positive SSL
  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard
  • Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain
  • Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard
  • Comodo Positive SSL EV
  • Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain

Comodo Essential SSL

Comodo Essential SSL LogoJust as the name implies, a Comodo Essential SSL certificate covers the basics and is an optimal choice for users who need to validate their domain without the paperwork hassle. As DV certificates, the Essential SSL products come with the same coveted features as their more expensive alternatives, like site seals, an SSL warranty, and unbreakable encryption.

  • Comodo Essential SSL
  • Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard

Comodo Instant SSL

Comodo Instant SSL Logo

If you run a company and need to encrypt your website, get a Comodo Instant SSL certificate. It’s the cheapest Business Validation option on the market – an ideal choice for small businesses, startups, and even larger organizations. Moreover, with Comodo Instant SSL Premium, you can also secure a public IP address ,as it’s one of the few certificates supporting this unique feature.

  • Comodo Instant SSL
  • Comodo Instant SSL Premium

Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificates

Comodo Wildcard SSL certificates allow you to encrypt an unlimited number of subdomains along with the main domain under a single SSL certificate. The one-time installation and renewal reduce the configuration period, while the unlimited subdomains option saves you tons of money.

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard

When you need to secure multiple domains, the best money-saving option is a Comodo multi-domain SSL certificate. It can protect up to three domains by default and 250 SANs in total, all under a single SSL installation. Comodo offers several multi-domain certificates that streamline SSL management. But the most flexible is the Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate which lets you encrypt multiple domains and unlimited subdomains in one go.

Comodo EV SSL Certificates

EV stands for Extended Validation – the most thorough and complex verification procedure of a company’s legal credentials. Ideal for large businesses, banks, and financial institutions, Extended Validation certificates offer the highest level of trust and protection against phishing attacks. The EV SSL price is generally higher, but not at Comodo. Even the highly-popular Comodo EV Multi-Domain certificates are affordable to companies of all sizes.

Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Are you a code publisher? Then we don’t need to tell you how important keeping your software clean and trustworthy is. A Comodo Code Signing certificate achieves precisely that. It protects your code from being tampered with and provides the necessary trust to users and operating systems when displaying verified software details. Any changes to your original code trigger a security warning.

Comodo Email Certificates

Comodo Email Certificates

Email is the most hacked system in the world. So many users neglect to protect their messages when the solution is efficient and affordable – a Comodo Email certificate. Also called CPAC (Comodo Personal Authentic Certificates) and S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), these certs offer the ultimate email protection.

Besides digitally signing email correspondence, CPAC certificates digitally sign Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice company documents. Moreover, they provide two-factor authentication to your personal or corporate email accounts.

Comodo Trial SSL Certificates

Comodo Trial SSL Certificates

Sometimes, you may not know whether a certificate is best for your particular situation and would like to test it before buying. Comodo Trial SSL offers you this chance. You can run it for 90-days without spending a dime, and once the free trial expires, continue with the commercial version or pick any other certificate of your liking.

Comodo Trial SSL is available during checkout when purchasing the Comodo Essential SSL, Comodo Positive SSL, or Comodo SSL Certificate. It includes all the paid features, so you get a fully-functional certificate for three months free of charge.

Why Should I Choose a Comodo SSL Certificate?

Comodo SSL certificates are selling like crazy, but why are they so popular? What makes them thrive in a highly-competitive market? It’s all about smart pricing and the sheer choice of products.

Luxury of Choice: An SSL certificate for any website

Comodo certificates can encrypt websites of any size and complexity. From personal blogs to massive online stores and everything in between. Besides that, they also offer Code Signing and email certificates to secure critical assets such as software and email correspondence.

Order a Comodo Certificate Today for:

  • Personal websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Large, medium, and small businesses
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office Communication Servers
  • Mail and intranet servers
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Multiple-Domains
  • Digital software

Unbeatable prices

Comodo has always been synonymous with affordable SSL prices. You can get a cheap Comodo SSL certificate per year for the cost of your favorite beverage. And with so many options available, you’ll find a suitable cert for your budget in no time. Comodo SSL price starts at just 7.83$ for an entry-level DV SSL certificate and reaches up to 420% for Comodo OV Wildcard SSL.

Encryption you can trust

Comodo Certificates follow the latest encryption technology and protocols to keep attackers at bay. Cracking the SSL encryption is beyond human capabilities. All certs provide 2048-bit key encryption and 256-bit certificate encryption. They support the SHA -2 secure hash algorithm and adhere to the most recent security guidelines.

Remarkable Compatibility

Comodo Certificates are compatible with 99.3% of browsers, including older versions. You can also install them on almost all the servers running on Windows, Linux, macOS, and other operating systems. Finally, Comodo certs will work on a host of email clients and mobile apps.

Impressive Warranties

All Comodo certificates come with an SSL warranty against a highly unlikely data breach. Comodo warranties range between $10,000 to $1,000,000 and offer peace of mind to website owners and their customers in case of certificate miss-issuance from the CA.

Excellent Customer Trust

Comodo is a brand most average users learn about sooner or later. It’s been a mainstay in the SSL industry for an entire decade before it eventually rebranded to Sectigo. Nevertheless, Comodo is still etched in users’ memory – a testament to the CA’s reputation and excellent services.

Still, why are Comodo SSL Certificates so cheap?

You may be thinking – something doesn’t add up. If Comodo certificates come packed with features, why are they so cheap compared to other providers? The key to Comodo’s longevity and success is the admirable pricing policy that’s been going since the company entered the market.

After the acquisition and rebranding, Sectigo has kept the same low prices and improved the already-efficient distribution channels. Sectigo/Comodo sell their certificates in bulk at highly discounted prices to us, and we’re just passing the savings on to our customers. In the end, everybody gains, and everybody is happy!

What is the difference between Comodo and Sectigo SSL Certificates?

Comodo had been at the forefront of SSL evolution since its inception until its rebranding to Sectigo in 2018. As a founding member of the CA/Browser forum and the first CA to introduce Extended Validation certificates, Comodo’s name echoes through the SSL industry long after its acquisition by San Francisco Partners.

Today, Comodo is no longer a public CA and has not issued a certificate since San Francisco Partners took over and rebranded to Sectigo. Comodo and Sectigo are independent businesses with separate management, employees, systems, and technology products. The original Comodo Group still operates in the cybersecurity space offering Security-as-a-Service products and antivirus software, but the Comodo Certificate Authority is now defunct.

After the name change, all Comodo SSL certificates remained valid until the expiration without further actions required from the users’ part. To this day, Sectigo uses the old legacy Comodo roots but also its own public roots when issuing SSL certificates.

How Can I Buy a Comodo SSL Certificate?

You’ve already landed on the right site! Our intuitive website will walk you through the entire buying process. Browse the large selection of Comodo Certificates, and click on View Details to learn more about the specs.

Once you’re happy with your choice, in the right panel, select the number of years (multiple years will cost you less), and click on Buy Now. Configure your options and proceed to checkout. Enter a promo code (if applicable) and then fill in the details to complete your order.

Final Thoughts

Comodo SSL certificates tick all the necessary boxes: they are cheap, flexible, and, most importantly, a high-quality web security solution for data protection. Comodo is now Sectigo – a different brand and company, but their prices and features have barely changed. Many users still refer to Sectigo certificates as Comodo for a good reason.

The previous brand trailblazed the SSL industry and established itself at the top of the market share. Today, Sectigo/Comodo certificates keep the web a safer place, just like they did in the past. Regardless of your website size and type, Comodo certificates will serve your customers well, safeguarding their privacy against relentless cyber thieves.