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SSL Dragon Blog - SSL Basics

What Is a Certificate Authority and How Do CAs Work?

Certificate authorities are the backbone of the SSL industry and the spine that holds all the encryption and security processes together. We cannot create or request SSL certificates without a certificate authority. Whether you need a self-signed certificate for your intranet organization or a public SSL cert to secure your website, a certificate issuing authority [...]

What Is CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in SSL?

Website encryption is mandatory nowadays, and the way to enable it is by installing an SSL certificate on your server. But before you get the certificate from the certificate authority (CA), you must generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) code and send it to the CA for validation. This in-depth guide reveals what is a [...]

SSL vs TLS. What Is the Difference Between SSL and TLS Certificates?

SSL and TLS are interchangeable acronyms when put next to the "certificate" term, but fundamentally, they are different cryptographic protocols designed to perform the same task. In this ultimate SSL vs TLS guide, we'll have a closer look at each protocol and its distinct features so that you know the difference between SSL and TLS. [...]

Root and Intermediate Certificates – What Is the Difference?

At first glance, an SSL certificate seems straightforward. You install it on your server to secure your visitors’ sensitive data, and it works flawlessly until expiration. Most web owners rarely delve deeper into SSL/TLS technical aspects. They let professionals handle the certificate configuration and renewal. Many won’t even care about the difference between root certificates [...]

What Is a CA Bundle in SSL and How to Create It

When you install an SSL certificate, your server may ask to import a CA bundle along with your primary certificate. Here’s where users usually encounter difficulties. They either don’t know where to find the CA bundle or struggle to create it. So, what is a CA bundle? This guide will take you through the key [...]

SSL renewal – The Complete Guide to Renewing Your Certificate

Renewing your SSL certificate on time is as important as securing your website for the first time. An expired certificate is one of the most common causes of SSL connection errors. In this article, we'll show you how to renew your SSL cert hassle-free so that your website remains protected around the clock. Before we [...]

LEI Code – The Fastest Way to get a BV or EV SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are now an essential element of every site. They keep sensitive data safe, verify website ownership, convey trust to users, and prevent phishing attacks. On top of that, all browsers require SSL and flag unencrypted sites as not secure if they don’t have a valid certificate. In this article, we'll show you how [...]

What Is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and How Does It Work?

Our world is digitally interconnected, with millions of international transactions occurring every day. Today, global trade and financial markets are safer than ever. The strict regulations have increased transparency and reduced illicit activities to a minimum, but it wasn’t always this way. At the dawn of the 21st century, businesses and customers couldn’t always establish [...]

A Guide to IoT Device Certificates

Advanced technology has brought joy and convenience into our lives, and the Internet powers the world of trade and information. Over 4.6 billion people use the Web to study, work and communicate with each other, but we’re not the only ones. Right next to us, a rapidly growing network of electronic devices collects and transfers [...]

The Guide To Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures or e-signatures have become second nature to how we attach identity to documents in the present time. Almost everyone has heard about e-signatures, and many are using them in various fields of life and business every day. Jurisdictions like Europe, China, and the U.S. have legislation that regulates the use of electronic signatures [...]

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