Advanced SSL

SSL Certificate Chain of Trust: All You Need to Know

Understanding the SSL certificate chain of trust can be a bit of a struggle if you’re not familiar with the concept of Public Key Infrastructure. You’re dealing with a series of digital certificates that each vouch for the authenticity of the previous one. It’s a rigorous hierarchy designed to ensure the integrity and security of […]

What Is An SSL Private Key and How to Find It?

Have you ever wondered how your online data stays secure? Discover private keys, the essential data encryption elements in protocols like SSL and TLS. These complex character strings unlock encrypted data, ensuring only the intended recipient can access your sensitive details. But what is an SSL private key? How does it look? And how to […]

What Is SSL Offloading and How to Leverage Its Power?

Did you know that over 90% of Internet traffic is encrypted using SSL/TLS? Websites of all types and sizes use SSL certificates to protect users’ incoming data and comply with best security practices. But as essential as SSL encryption is, it can put extra strain on servers. This increased demand for computer processing power might […]

SSH vs. SSL – Explore the Differences and Similarities

Whether you’re sending an email, making an online purchase, or connecting to a server, you’re using SSL or SSH – two critical protocols in internet security. But what are they, and how do they differ? Both SSH and SSL are instrumental in ensuring a safe and secure online environment, but they operate differently and serve […]

What Is SSL Inspection? Mastering Network Security

Almost every site now loads over HTTPS, encrypting web traffic in the process. It’s the new normal for web security. But here’s the kicker – while encryption keeps your data safe, it’s like a sealed letter. What if someone’s slipping nasty stuff in there? Enter SSL Inspection, the SSL security guard. Think of it as […]

What Is Certificate Pinning and How It Works?

Imagine you’re using a mobile banking app and just completed a transaction. You’d want that sensitive information to be secure, wouldn’t you? This is where certificate pinning plays a crucial role. It’s a security precaution employed by app developers to ensure that your data is communicated safely over the network. But what is certificate pinning, […]

What Is an SSL Port? The Complete Guide

A popular question users ask when adding an SSL certificate to their websites is, “What is an SSL port?.” This article covers all the aspects of SSL/TLS ports so you can navigate between them. SSL ports are a critical element of secure internet communication, serving as the virtual transmission endpoints where SSL sessions originate. Comparable […]

Differences Between TLS 1.2 and 1.3 – What Sets Them Apart?

You’re in the middle of setting up a secure connection for a new web server and need to choose between two protocols: TLS 1.2 vs. TLS 1.3. While they may seem interchangeable, their distinct features could significantly affect your server’s performance and security. For instance, TLS 1.3 has an improved handshake process that speeds up […]

Client Certificate vs. Server Certificate: What Is the Difference?

Understanding the dynamics of digital certificates can be overwhelming, especially for new users. With so many technical terms around, navigating the cyber security space requires advanced web encryption and authentication knowledge. The distinction between a client certificate vs. server certificate often confuses non-technical users, but knowing what they are and how they work is essential […]

What Is the Difference Between .CER and .CRT Files?

Installing and managing an SSL certificate can be tricky if you’re not familiar with different file formats like CER vs. CRT. These two extensions may have caught your attention, and you might be wondering what they are, how they differ, and, most importantly, how to convert one into the other. It’s not as complicated as […]