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What Is a Shared SSL Certificate & How to Use It?

In today’s digital age, online security is a top priority. Websites must take measures to ensure the safety and privacy of their visitors. One of the ways to achieve this is through SSL certificates, which encrypt data transmissions between the website and the user’s browser. Secure connections are now a requirement for any website. However, […]

Types of SSL Certificates: What SSL Certificate Do I Need?

Securing different websites across thousands of niches with one standardized SSL certificate is not feasible. Each site has specific security requirements. That’s why various types of SSL certificates exist. Certificate Authorities, the entities that issue SSL certs, try to accommodate every kind of site, from blogs to massive e-commerce platforms. For this reason, you see […]

SSL History: From Inception to Evolutionary Triumph

The ever-expanding digital landscape requires secure online communication and data protection. One technology that has played a pivotal role in safeguarding our online transactions and information exchange is the SSL/TLS protocols and the digital certificates that use them. Over the past two decades, SSL certificates have evolved and adapted to the growing complexities of cybersecurity, […]

Top 12 Revealing SSL Stats You Should Know

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, where information flows freely across vast networks, ensuring the security and integrity of online communication is paramount. One of the key pillars of digital security is SSL certificates.  In this article, we explore 12 essential SSL stats to shed light on the current state of SSL certificate adoption, usage patterns, […]

Are Self-Signed Certificates Secure? What Are the Risks?

The online security of customers should be one of the main priorities for the managers of Internet companies. It may seem unusual, but some companies do not apply this philosophy to their business. When it comes to protecting their users’ data, some companies prefer Self-Signed SSL Certificates over SSL Certificates issued by a Trusted Certificate […]

Multi-Domain Certificate vs Wildcard SSL. What Is the Difference?

Among all types of SSL certificates, Multi-Domain and Wildcard ones generate the most questions from new users. While regular SSL certs secure just the main domain and are pretty easy to understand, Multi-Domain and Wildcard products are in a different class: more powerful, more flexible, and more expensive than their single-domain counterparts.  Because both Multi-Domain […]

Sectigo vs DigiCert – What Differentiates the Leading CAs

Sectigo and DigiCert are two standout SSL brands that top the market share for commercial Certificate Authorities. Both offer full-fledged encryption solutions and a wide range of products to meet different needs. While DigiCert focuses exclusively on the high-assurance market, Sectigo has an SSL certificate for everyone, regardless of size, niche, and budget. New SSL […]