Multi-Domain Certificate vs Wildcard SSL. What Is the Difference?

Among all types of SSL certificates, Multi-Domain and Wildcard ones generate the most questions from new users. While regular SSL certs secure just the main domain and are pretty easy to understand, Multi-Domain and Wildcard products are in a different class: more powerful, more flexible, and more expensive than their single-domain counterparts.  Because both Multi-Domain […]

Free SSL vs. Paid SSL. What Is the Difference?

SSL certificates have long become essential for any website, ensuring data encryption and search engine visibility. But with so many options available, getting the best certificate for your site can be tricky. You must decide on the validation type and extra features and choose between commercial or free alternatives. This article covers free SSL vs. […]

7 SSL Certificate Best Practices in 2023

SSL certificates have become an essential security element of any website. Long gone are the days when only e-commerce stores and financial institutions were using them. Today, all websites require a digital certificate, but not all owners know to configure SSL properly for the best security and SEO results. This article will reveal the SSL […]

What Is a Code Signing Certificate and How It Works?

Digital apps and software have revolutionized the way people solve problems and interact with each other, breaking barriers of time, distance, and communication. But as with any digital asset, it may become a threat to users if publishers neglect the proper security practices and protocols. One of the main elements at the core of software […]

What Is an IoT Device Certificate?

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are everywhere. From home appliances and security systems to autonomous farming equipment and wireless inventory trackers, the IoT powers our lives and cities. The positive results include enhanced traffic management, increased safety, and reduced pollution. But where there’s an Internet connection, there’s potential for a breach. So, what’s the best […]

What Is an SSL Certificate Warranty and How Does It Work?

When you’re shopping for an SSL Certificate, your primary concerns are usually the price, validation type, issue time, and browser compatibility. When analyzing the specifications closer, you discover that every SSL product comes with an SSL Certificate warranty. It ranges greatly from certificate to certificate, but what is an SSL warranty for? You’ll find the […]

What Is a CAA Record and How Does It Work?

Website security and data encryption are essential in today’s fast-evolving digital space. Websites use SSL certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) to protect visitors’ sensitive information. These third-party entities verify a site’s or company’s identity before issuing the SSL cert. However, not all CAs are created equal, and some may not meet the high-security standards […]

How to Add an SSL Certificate to a Website

Every website, from regular blogs to e-commerce platforms, needs an SSL certificate to remain accessible via most browsers and feature in search engine results. Without SSL, the connection between users’ browsers and website servers is in plain text and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But how do you add an SSL certificate to a website and configure […]

What Is an SSL Certificate and How Does It Work?

SSL certificates are now a common element of website building and browsing. What was once an expensive security measure for e-commerce and banking sites has become a ubiquitous sight all over the Web. Finding a website without the SSL padlock, it’s not that easy, with over 90% of sites loading over the secure HTTPS protocol. […]

What Are the Benefits of SSL Certificates?

In today’s digital age, online security is more important than ever. With cyberattacks going nowhere, businesses and individuals need to protect sensitive information. The journey to a secure website starts with an SSL certificate, an essential element of web security. But why are SSL certs crucial not only to overall web security but also to […]