Buying an SSL Certificate for the first time may be a bit overwhelming. Everything is new, and there are so many elements to consider.

What brand to choose? How much to pay? What validation type to use? And the questions don’t stop once you’ve purchased the SSL Certificate. You still need to send your details to the Certificate Authority to get verified. Finally you have to make sure your certificate is installed and configured properly. Quite a checklist to follow! Thankfully, the whole process can be simplified with the help of various SSL tools. These handy instruments will save you time when buying the SSL Certificate and will scan your SSL installation for potential errors or vulnerabilities. We’ve selected the finest SSL tools available for free, so you can use them from any device, anytime.

Before the purchase

SSL Wizard

Our very own, in-house SSL Choosing Wizard helps you pick the right SSL Certificate for your website. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your website and the intuitive SSL Wizard will instantly recommend the best SSL Certificate to suit your needs.

Certificate Filter

Our developers have created the incredibly fast Certificate Filter to save your precious time when buying an SSL Certificate. Now, you don’t have to search through a lengthy list of SSL products for the one you need. Simply use the filter to sort the certificates by brand, price, validation, issue time, and price. And if that’s not enough for you, we have more filtering options such as trust level, warranty, site seal, and server licensing.

During the purchase

CSR Generator

SSL Dragon’s CSR Generator automatically generates your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and your Private Key, based on the details that you submit when filling the CSR form. You need the CSR code when configuring (applying) for an SSL Certificate inside your SSL Dragon account.

CSR Decoder

The CSR Decoder tool deciphers the information included in your Certificate Signing Request. It’s the opposite process of CSR creation which enables you to see the details you filled in your SSL Certificate request. The CSR Decoder is very useful especially when you have several CSR codes that you saved in your computer or email, and you want to look inside them to see what domain name and company they were created for.

After the purchase

SSL Labs

SSL Labs is one of the most popular SSL Certificate testing tools to check for vulnerabilities in your SSL configuration. It provides extensive technical information about the certificate issuer, the algorithm used to sing in, handshake simulation, cipher suites, and much more.

How’s My SSL

Instead of scanning the SSL Certificate, as the previous tool does, How’s My SSL analyzes the client (browser) and keeps you up to date with the supported protocol version, ephemeral key support, session ticket, TLS compression, BEAST vulnerability, and cipher suites.

We’ve equipped you with the best SSL tools available online, to help you make the buying and testing process of your SSL Certificate as comfortable as possible. Now, it’s over to you to use them whenever you need a new certificate or a detailed report on your current installation.