IP Address SSL Certificates

Are you looking for a high-quality SSL Certificate for IP Address? You’ve landed in the right place. Our SSL products can secure anything from basic websites to huge systems, and public IP addresses aren’t an exception. We can’t emphasize enough that only public IP addresses support the SSL encryption. If you want to secure a private/intranet IP address, it’s not possible anymore. Back in 2016, the CA/Browser Forum, issued a new directive, voiding all intranet SSL Certificates.  

Today, IP Address SSL Certificates are available to both regular websites and officially registered organizations that need to protect a public IP address. Depending on your needs, you may request a DV certificate to secure multiple SANs, or a BV certificate to encrypt one IP address. Also, only certain SSL Certificates that are listed below allow you to encrypt your IP. The main benefits of securing an IP Address with an SSL Certificate are a verified identity, noticeable encryption, and extra IP address use (some services require IP SSL authentication).

When it comes to SSL for IP address, the options are scarce; but this isn’t a bad thing by any means. The available IP address SSL certificates are first-class products with an array of security and performance-boosting features. Check them below:

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium – a Business Validation  SSL IP address certificate, ideal for organizations and startups of all sizes. Boasting an incredibly low price for what it can do, this SSL certificate for public IP address comes packed with the following benefits:

  • ideal for e-commerce stores and companies of all sizes
  • budget-friendly
  • follows the highest level of encryption and the latest security protocols
  • comes with a dynamic site seal to improve customer trust
  • includes a whopping $250,000 warranty for the added peace of mind
  • runs smoothly on 99.3% of browsers
  • Is compatible with all the major server platforms and email clients

GoGeTSSL Public IP SAN – the long-awaited Domain Validation IP address certificate that is easy to obtain. With no need for paperwork or any hassle, you get the cert within five minutes. Moreover, it allows you to secure not one but two IP SANs by default, with the option to add more one the checkout page. GoGetSSL Public IP San comes with the following features:

  •  bulletproof encryption and the latest security protocols
  • secures multiple IP addresses
  •  includes 2 Public IP SANs by default
  •  secures a maximum of 250 additional SANs on request
  • smooth domain validation; no documents required
  • a static site seal to further enhance visitors’ trust
  • $50,000 SSL warranty
  • 99.3% browser compatibility
  •  full compatibility with most of the servers and email clients

How to secure an IP Address with an SSL?

Securing an SSL certificate for an IP address is slightly different than for an FQDN (fully qualified domain name).  If you’ve chosen the Sectigo product, you will need to include your IP address as a “common name” (domain/IP that you want to secure) in your CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

For GoGetSSL you must generate a CSR code with NO Common Name. Our FAQ section explains in-depth how to configure both certificates with step by step instructions.

Once your public IP address SSL Certificate is up and running, you can safely store and process sensitive information on your server.