Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates are the most flexible SSL products on the market. With a single Multi-Domain Wildcard cert, you can secure all your subdomains on multiple domains. These unique, two in one SSL certificates streamline web security management by saving individuals and companies time and money.

Instead of buying multiple Wildcard certs for each of your main domain and subdomains, you can invest in a multi-domain wildcard certificate and protect your entire network of sites. Your costs and efforts will be at a minimum: a one-time purchase and a sole configuration and renewal.

How does Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Work?

A Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate will secure multiple domains and subdomains under a single installation. Requesting and configuring a Multi-Domain Wildcard cert is a bit different from the regular certificates. You need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for a single domain (e.g., without adding an asterisk as you would normally do when applying for a Wildcard certificate. In the fields below the primary domain, all the additional SANs (2nd, 3rd, 4th domains and so on) can be Wildcard domains.

The following explanations and examples will better illustrate how Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL work.

Let’s take Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate for example. It comes with 3 SANs (domain) by default and works as below:

  • It can secure one main domain and multiple Wildcard domains. For example:
  1. (specified in your CSR)
  2. *
  3. *
  • It can protect one primary domain and numerous Wildcard domains (with both first level and second-level subdomains). For instance:
  1. (specified in your CSR)
  2. *
  3. *
  • It can encrypt multiple domains and several Wildcard domains (with both first level and second-level subdomains. For example:
  1. (specified in your CSR)
  3. *

Important! When you include a SAN item such as *, you secure its unlimited subdomains, but not the domain itself. To protect all your domains and subdomains, you’ll have to configure the Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL cert as follows:

  1. (specified in your CSR)
  2. * (for all subdomains)
  4. * (for all subdomains)

The best thing about Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates is that you can later add as many subdomains as you want to your server without reissuing your Wildcard cert each time you assign a new subdomain.

Benefits of Multi-Domain Wildcard SSLs

As the most versatile digital certificates in the industry, Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL products offer many web security benefits. But the powerful features don’t stop with encryption. Each Multi-Domain Wildcard cert comes with impressive extra features to boost other areas of your sites. Here are the main advantages of Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates:

Single point of SSL administration for all websites

Managing the web security of a complex network of sites can be overwhelming if you don’t install a multi-domain cert. Think about all the money and time you’ll spend buying and configuring separate certificates for your domains and subdomains. Thankfully, there is a way better solution. With just one Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate you can secure up to 250 domains and unlimited subdomains, and then renew them all at once.

Available for both solo entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates support two validation methods: Domain Validation (DV) and Business Validation (BV). That’s more than enough to cover almost all online projects, from basic websites and blogs to online stores and large systems.

A great price for an incredible efficiency

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates may seem pricey when compared to regular certificates, but getting one for your sites is still way cheaper than buying separate certificates for each of your domains. Focusing on your business while the Multi-Domain Wildcard cert keeps it safe in the background will bring a good return on investment.  

High-end encryption for your websites

All Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates follow the latest security protocols and regulations. The sophisticated SHA-2 algorithm and the key and certificate encryptions offer the best possible protection to your visitors’ personal details. No human being has the capabilities to break the 2048-bit and up to 2560-bit ciphers.

Full-scale compatibility

Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificates run perfectly on 99.3% of web browsers, including their older versions. They are also compatible with Microsoft Products (Exchange, Server, IIS, Office, Skype), and a wide range of other popular servers and platforms. You can also use a multi-domain Wildcard SSL cert to secure numerous email clients and mobile apps.  

Extra features to improve customer trust and conversions

All Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates include out of the box static or dynamic site seals. You can put them anywhere on your sites to boost customer trust, traffic and conversions. On top of that, the SSL warranty will protect you and your visitors from any potential damages that may result from fraudulent issuance or data breaches.