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What Is Comodo Multi-Domain SSL?

Comodo (now Sectigo) Multi-Domain SSL certificates encrypt multiple domains under a single certificate. They’re super convenient as you don’t have to buy separate certificates to secure each of your sites. Besides money, you also save precious time during installation and renewal. All in all, Comodo multi-domain certs provide the ultimate SSL solution for companies or individuals with a network of sites.

Comodo multi-domain SSL certificates can secure any website, from regular blogs to large financial institutions. Available for any project and supporting all validation types, these certs include the latest security features and much more to give your websites and visitors bulletproof protection.

You will come across multi-domain certificates with different names: UCC SSL Certificates and SAN SSL Certificates are the same things. A single multi-domain certificate can secure up to 250 domains. And if you have only a couple of sites, that’s good news, as Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificates already include three domains by default. Moreover, you can add new SANs (domains) anytime during your certificate’s lifespan quickly and conveniently.

Why Should I Choose the Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificates?

Comodo’s reputation is so strong that it remains one of the most searched SSL names on google, even after rebranding. No matter your budget or configuration, Comodo has a multi-domain certificate for everyone. Here’s what you get with Comodo multi-domain SSL certs:

  • One Certificate to Secure Them All. Unless you have over 250 domains, one multi-domain certificate will suffice to secure even several networks of sites. The unmatched convenience of multi-domain certs keeps more money in your wallet and frees up time during configuration and renewal.
  • Multi-Domain Certificates for Any Need. Whether you need to secure a few blogs or a network of niche sites, there’s a comodo multi-domain certificate for every budget and situation. Starting with Domain Validation multi-domain certificates, Comodo offers the full spectrum of multi-domain products, including Business Validation, Extended Validation, and even Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates for the most complex of projects.
  • Unrivaled Prices. Due to their extra features, multi-domain certificates are more expensive than regular single-domain certs. But Comodo’s price is still way below the market average for each certificate within its category. DV multi-domain SSL is affordable for even the tightest budgets, while the BV multi-domain certs and the premium EV multi-domain options are also reasonably priced.
  • High-end Encryption. Comodo follows the latest cryptographic technologies and strict security data protection guidelines. The SHA-2 algorithm, coupled with the 2048-bit key encryption and up to 256-bit certificate encryption is more than enough to keep even the most relentless attackers away from your data.
  • Extra Features Galore. All Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificates come with additional features to enhance trust and security. The static and dynamic site seals boost users’ confidence, while the SSL warranty ensures a nice compensation in the unlikely event of a data breach. On the technical side, Comodo SSL is compatible with most browsers, servers, and email clients, including mobile apps.

What Are the Different Types of Comodo Multi-Domain Certificates?

With so many Comodo multi-domain certificates available, choosing the right one may seem complicated. Below we list all Comodo multi-domain options in a structured way to make your decision a breeze.

Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Certificates

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificates are the most affordable multi-domain option on the market today. Don’t let the small price trick you. The Positive SSL certificates boast all the features of a full-fledged SSL product.

Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain – the best multi-domain certificate to encrypt personal sites, blogs, and small business websites that don’t need to validate their legal status. It is the cheapest multi-domain certificate on the market and protects three domains by default. Since it’s a Domain Validation cert, you can get it in minutes without any paperwork.

Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain – the most affordable Extended validation multi-domain certificate, is preferred by startups, online shops, and medium-sized businesses. With an EV multi-domain option, all your websites will receive the highest customer trust and protection against phishing.

Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard – the most versatile SSL certificate that protects multiple domains along with unlimited subdomains. It solves the most complex of needs but maintains Comodo’s affordable price and excellent features.

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates allow companies to use Extended Validation for multiple sites under a single SSL installation. Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL provides the highest level of security and customer trust. The Extended Validation also safeguards your sites from damaging phishing attacks. Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL is a top choice for companies looking to streamline SSL management. It can secure up to 250 domain names in one installation, saving time and money.

Comodo BV Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo BV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates offer the Business Validation option to companies of all sizes and niches. Comodo BV multi-domain certs can secure three domains on the go and extra 247 SANs for an additional fee. BV SSL helps businesses comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards and ensures customers that the company behind the website is authentic. With SSL warranties ranging from $50,000 to $250,000 and a Multi-Domain Wildcard BV option available, these certificates will keep your business sites secure 24/7.

Comodo DV Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo DV Multi-Domain SSL certificates are ideal for small businesses, personal websites, and blogs. Domain Validation facilitates the verification process by requiring only domain ownership verification. Once you submit your domain details and a valid email address to the CA, the certificate will arrive in your inbox in just a few minutes. If you want to buy a cheap multi-domain SSL certificate, Comodo DV SSL certs are the optimal choice.

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard

A Comodo multi-domain Wildcard certificate encrypts multiple domains and unlimited subdomains under one SSL installation. Available as DV and BV certificates, multi-domain wildcard certificates meet the most complex demands and protect custom systems at an excellent price.

How Much Do the Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificates Cost?

With so many to choose from, Comodo Multi-Domain SSL prices range from $21.66 to $270 per year if you get a multi-year subscription. The SSL price depends on the validation level, the extra features, and the volume of the SSL warranty. Cheaper certificates include static site seals and five-figure warranties, while premium options offer dynamic site seals and seven-figure warranties.

How Can I Buy a Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

You’ve already arrived at the right shop! Our intuitive website will walk you through the smooth buying process. Browse the selection of Comodo Multi-Domain SSL certificates and click on “View Details” to reveal the specifications and compatibility.

Once you’ve decided the right certificate for your project, in the right panel, select the number of years (multiple years will cost you less), and click on “Buy Now”. Configure your options and continue with the checkout. Enter a promo code (if applicable) and then fill in the details to complete your order.

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Don’t Know What You Need?

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