Documents and Email SSL Certificates

Documents and Email SSL Certificates secure email messages and office documents with the same, high-end level of encryption, similarly to how regular SSL certs protect websites. While SSL certificates are now a requirement for all sites, Email encryption still has a long way to go.

Your personal or corporate inbox holds an irreplaceable wealth of information, but you can lose it all in a blink of an eye if you continue sending messages in plain text. Cyber threats have become all too common in recent years. Unless you step in and secure your emails and documents, you may be the next target.

Thanks to documents and email SSL certificates, securing email correspondence is easy and affordable. Doc/Email certs come with an array of benefits and features for both personal and corporate clients. Here’s why they’re essential for individuals and businesses:

  • Doc/Email products digitally sign emails, Microsoft® Office, and OpenOffice business documents.
  • They also enable user two-factor authentication – an additional layer of security to protect your accounts.
  • Doc/Email certs are fully compatible with all the major browsers
  • They run smoothly on numerous server platforms and email clients
  • Doc/Email certificates prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and keep all your exchanges safe
  • Breaking email encryption is beyond human capabilities.

How Email SSL Certificates protect your correspondence?

Your email exchanges, whether personal or corporate, are often one of the most intimate and valuable conversations. If you don’t encrypt them, a malicious attacker can intercept all your correspondence and make it public, or worse, blackmail you. Your business could lose clients if hackers steal and expose private data.

Here’s where email certificates come to the rescue. They add end-to-end encryption to all your outgoing emails, keeping hackers away and your exchanges safe. With an email cert by your side, you are no longer vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, packet-sniffers, https proxies, or any other hacking techniques.

By digitally signing your personal or business correspondence you also validate your identity as the real sender. In this way, you protect your company and brand from damages connected to cyber-threats.

How Email SSL Certificates keep your documents safe?

Optimized document workflow is essential to the efficient operation of your company. With digital documents overtaking the ink paperwork in all fields of life, now is the right time to switch to electronic contracts, forms, sign-offs, and other crucial company documents.

Email certificates will ease e-documents transition by ensuring compliance with industry requirements of digitally signed documents. A digitally signed document certifies the identity and integrity of the document signer, by proving that no one has modified it after it was signed.

Email certs are extremely flexible. They can work side-by-side or replace the visible signature feature in Microsoft® products including Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite, VBA Macros, and many more.

How Email SSL Certificates enable user two-factor authentication?

Standard passwords, no matter how sophisticated they are, have always been an easy target for hackers. Today, more and more services require two-factor authentication, an additional layer of security when logging into your accounts. You can activate it on your Google accounts, online banking, and e-commerce stores.

Email SSL Certificates come with the two-factor authentication out of the box, further improving your company’s safety standards. You can enable it on all your employees’ accounts, and ensure the protection of all your sensitive data. Email certificates run as a second authentication element and prevent any attackers from getting remote access to your usernames and passwords.

All our email certificates are FDA ESG compliant digital certificates

If you’re doing business with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), encrypting your emails is a must. The FDA has a special platform called ESG (Electronic Submission Gateways), which processes all the incoming emails and documents. The ESG verifies the senders’ identity before dispatching the information to the relevant FDA office. Email SSL certificates ensure that your communication with the FDA is smooth and secure.

What Email Certificate is ideal for your project?

Email certificates excel in versatility and applicability. Both individuals and businesses use them to ensure bulletproof email and document encryption and enable two-factor authentication.

From the tightest of budgets to the most complex security needs, email certificates integrate with platforms of all sizes. Just like DV, BV, and EV SSL Certificates, Email certs require various validation levels.

At SSL Dragon, we offer several email certificates from two renowned brands – Sectigo and DigiCert. Depending on your personal or business needs, you may select one of the following products.

Sectigo CPAC certificates

Sectigo covers the entire spectrum of email encryption needs. CPAC Basic is a perfect option to secure personal and small business accounts. With Domain Validation the only requirement, you can get it this cert in just five minutes.

For a medium-sized company, Sectigo CPAC Pro offers the best value for money. It’s easy to use and renew. Sectigo CPAC Pro requires three validation steps, specifically your first and last names, email address, and domain control. It displays your email, First and Last Name in the SSL Certificate. You can get it within three business days providing all your documentation is accurate and up to date.

Finally, if you’re a large company, consider Sectigo CPAC Enterprise. It authenticates the domain name, verifies the identity, and validates the organization’s details. It displays your email, First and Last Name, as well as Company Name and Address in the SSL Certificate.

DigiCert Client S/MIME certificates

DigiCert is the choice of most Fortune 100 companies and large enterprises for encrypting sensitive data online, and email exchanges aren’t an exception.

The entry-level S/MIME certificate digitally signs and encrypts emails. It authenticates your email address and requires you to pass domain validation, just like for a regular SSL certificate. You can obtain it in 10 minutes without any paperwork whatsoever, and install it on your email server in order to secure your email communications.

If you’re a startup, an organization, or an NGO, the Class 2 S/MIME certificate is the ideal solution for you. On top of email address validation, it also digitally signs electronic documents such as Microsoft Office and verifies the owners and the company’s name. With DigiCert Client Premium Class 2 S/MIME, sending corporate emails and documents has never been safer.

No matter how many groundbreaking social media sites emerge, Email messages continue to top the most popular means of online communication rankings. Unfortunately, the number of cyber thieves is also on the rise. Even the biggest companies can become victims of cyber-attacks if they don’t take the necessary security measures. That’s why digitally signing all your emails and documents is so important.