Comodo Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

Buy a Comodo OV SSL Certificate at a Great Price

Comodo Organization Validation Certificates help startups and e-commerce merchants comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines, all while improving customer trust. Available as a single domain, wildcard, and multi-domain option, Comodo OV SSL certificates are super affordable and flexible. Browse the list below and buy a Comodo OV certificate appropriate for your project.

The Best Comodo OV SSL Certificates

Comodo has an OV SSL certificate for every type of business website. With unbeatable prices and state-of-the-art encryption, Comodo OV SSL certificates are one of the most popular Organization Validation SSL solutions worldwide.

One Domain Comodo Certificates

Every business website must protect customers’ sensitive data, and the way to do it is with an SSL certificate. One Domain OV Comodo certificates are a strong indicator of trust and authenticity. Get one for your site and benefit from increased brand awareness and security. Comodo Organization Validation certificates prove your legal identity gives customers the confidence to use your services.

Wildcard (One domain & All Subdomains) Comodo Certificates

If your business website has subdomains,  a Comodo Wildcard OV certificate will secure them all under a single SSL installation. Validate your company’s identity, increase customer trust, and encrypt unlimited subdomains with just one certificate. Let your customers browse confidently and securely on all your pages and watch your business grow.

Multiple Domains (SAN & UCC) Comodo Certificates

Multi-Domain Comodo OV certificates encrypt multiple business websites under a single SSL certificate. You can secure up to 250 SANs without spending money on another SSL cert. Moreover, the configuration and renewals are much faster since you have to set up just one certificate. Comodo Multi-Domain OV certs come with an extra dynamic site seal to further improve trust and a high SSL warranty against data breaches.

Multi-Domain Wildcard Comodo Certificates

Comodo OV multi-domain wildcard SSL certificates are the ultimate solution to the most complex encryption challenges. Able to secure multiple domains and unlimited subdomains at once, Comodo multi-domain OV certs authenticate business identity and protect up to 250 SANs from man-in-the-middle attacks.

IP Address Comodo Certificates

Comodo is one of the few brands to offer IP address SSL certificates. With a dedicated and cheap Comodo OV certificate, you can encrypt a public IP address and make it accessible on almost all browsers. IP SSL certs help organizations secure custom systems and get the full-fledged benefits of a regular SSL certificate.