How to Generate a CSR on SAP Application Server

In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate a CSR on SAP.

Before you generate the CSR code

In SAP, you must create a separate CSR for each application server that uses a specific Personal Security Environment (PSE). If you employ a system-wide SSL server PSE, then you only need to create just one certificate request.

CSR Generation on SAP

Please follow the steps below to generate your CSR Code:

  1. In your admin console, open the Trust Manager
  2. Expand the SSL server PSE node, and for each individual SSL server PSE select the application server.
  3. Go to the application servers certificate in the PSE maintenance section, under Owner filed, and fill in the required information:
    • Country Name (C): provide the two-letter code of your country. For instance, US
    • State or Province (S): enter the full name of your state. For example, Florida
    • Locality or City (L): Write your city’s full name. For instance, Panama City
    • Organization (O): specify the full legal name of your company. For instance, Your Company LLC
    • Organizational Unit (OU): name the unit within your company making the SSL certificate request. For instance, IT
    • Common Name: provide the FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) you want to protect. For instance,
  4. In the PSE maintenance menu, select Create Certificate Request
  5. In the certificate request dialog window, copy or save the certificate request on your local device

Congrats, you’ve successfully generated your CSR file. You can open it with any text editor such as Notepad. You will need to copy the CSR contents into the corresponding box during your SSL order process.

After your CA validates the CSR and issues the SSL certificate, you can proceed to the SAP SSL installation instructions.

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