Comodo CA rebrands as Sectigo

Comodo CA, one of the world’s largest Certificate Authorities with more than 3 million customers in 150 countries, has rebranded as Sectigo.  Since its inception in 1998, Comodo has issued over 100 million certificates and has served over 700,000 businesses worldwide. The rebranding marks the dawn of a new era, as the company broadens its web security services.

Why the rebrand?

Since Francisco Partners acquired Comodo CA in fall 2017, the rebranding was just a matter of when. With Sectigo, the company stepped away from the Comodo Group to limit market confusion and indicate its new direction and mission. Here’s what Bill Holtz, CEO, Sectigo said in a press release:

“This is an exhilarating time for our company. “By rebranding as Sectigo, we are emphasizing our expansion beyond SSL to IoT and web security and announcing our commitment to making the internet more secure, as well as safe – for businesses and consumers alike.

We’re focused on delivering solutions that rethink norms and advance the industry as a whole, and plan to become the world’s most trusted, innovative, and customer-centric partner for securing every website, transaction, communication, and connected device.”

Will the Sectigo rebrand affect Comodo customers and certificates?

The name change won’t affect existing Comodo customers and certificates. The ever-popular line of Comodo certificates will gradually become Sectigo. If you have a Comodo CA product, you don’t need to make any changes or adjustments. Your Comodo-branded certificate will remain in place and work as expected.

Best of all, Comodo’s flexible pricing won’t change as a result of the rebrand. All certificates will continue to be affordable and suitable for any budget and project.

Sectigo has also updated the TrustLogo into their new brand. Customers can place the TrustLogo on their website to increase visitor trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and boost sales.

What will happen to Comodo trusted roots?

Sectigo will change its old Comodo CA roots starting January 14, 2019. The Certificate Authority will begin using the USERTrust Root CAs as opposed to the Comodo Root CAs. While the USERTrust Root isn’t new, it doesn’t have the “Comodo” name in it and allows Sectigo to brand its intermediaries accordingly, so that the certificate chain reflects the name change.

Ultimately, Sectigo will push for its own roots, but the whole process will take a while. The roots change won’t affect existing customers and partners. The SSL certificates issued of old Comodo CA roots will keep working until expiry.

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